‘1600 Penn’: ‘Skip the Tour’ features Josh Gad and pal Rory O’Malley at odds

Rory O'Malley and Josh Gad.

Rory O’Malley and Josh Gad.

One of Broadway’s favorite bromances is back.

Last night’s episode of 1600 Penn, “Skip the Tour” featured Rory O’Malley as a tightly-wound tour guide finding himself at odds with Josh Gad’s character Skip Gilchrist.  The episode opens with Skip interrupting the tour (“Yes, please keep showing them my house”) and causing havoc.  Because what else would Skip do?

Becca (Martha MacIsaac) and D.B. (Robbie Amell) are set to make a televised interview on the pregnancy.  Becca notices a text on Marshall’s (Andre Holland) phone from “Vanessa” and grows extremely jealous of this woman that her ex-boyfriend is supposedly seeing.  She sends a rude reply to Vanessa but she immediately regrets getting all up in Marshall’s business.

Meanwhile, President Dale Gilchrist’s (Bill Pullman) brother Doug (Bruce Campbell) makes a visit to the first family, much to Emily’s (Jenna Elfman) annoyance.  It’s clear we’re in for some family tension.  Doug tells the family over dinner about one of Dale’s wrestling failures.  Rather, he insults him.  Doug also coaches Skip on the fine art of entrepreneurship, which as we all know is something that Skip must obviously have an aptitude for.  (“Find what’s missing, and bring it to the people!”).

Once again using his brilliant people skills, Skip crashes the tour in a Willy Wonka-esque spectacle.  He gives his own tour, peppered with misinformation (“Was the White House constructed by aliens?”) and giving out permission for his tour group to touch paintings (“Grope that ancient paint!”).

Back to Becca’s storyline.  Vanessa confronts Marshall about the text while Becca guiltily attempts to deflect attention by consuming coffee that she isn’t supposed to have.

Skip continues his tour to a few forbidden parts of the White House. (“This is where my dad and super-hot stepmom sleep.”)  He hastily pushes his tour group into the bathroom when he hears Dale and Emily approach, complaining about a private family matter.  Emily speculates that Doug is bitter toward his brother, harboring a series of “what ifs” over Dale’s presidency.  Dale attempts to talk seriously with his brother about the matter, but the conversation topics don’t extend past the humidity in Washington D.C. and shellfish.  Time for Emily to intervene.

This isn’t the only confrontation taking place.  Marshall has figured out Becca’s dishonesty; she accuses him of being dishonest about visiting his uncle.  Turns out, Marshall was visiting his uncle before he met up with Vanessa.  Becca is obviously quite hormonal.  D.B. joins her for the interview wearing “flattering stripes” and has an on-camera breakdown alongside Becca (“This is just so intense!  We made a person, and it lives inside of her!”).

It seems Emily was right; Doug believes he should be president.  The two brothers easily reconcile just as Skip finishes his tour.

Rory O’Malley’s role was very small in this episode.  Who thinks it’s possibly a recurring role and we’ll see his tour guide character again?

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