Aaron Tveit at 54 Below: From ‘Next to Normal’ to ‘Les Mis’ to sold-out NYC concerts

Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit


So you didn’t score tickets to Aaron Tveit’s concerts?  Well, neither did I.  Tickets sold out amazingly quick.  I doubt even Justin Bieber can sell out that quickly.

Tveit is set to perform a series of concerts at New York City’s 54 Below next month.  If you were lucky enough to land yourself some tickets, congratulations.  I am both jealous and way excited for you.

If you weren’t so lucky, never fear!  Broadway Records is set to turn these concerts into Tveit’s first solo album entitled The Radio In My Head: Live at 54 Below. (Which you can pre-order now on Amazon.)

What sounds better than Tveit singing some of his favorite melodies to swooning fangirls everywhere?  I can’t wait to find out which tunes he’s going to choose.  He has already said he’s going to sing “I’m Alive” (Next to Normal, where he starred as Gabe) and “Goodbye” (Catch Me if You Can, where he starred as Frank Abagnale Jr.)  Tveit not singing these two songs would be akin to going to a Hanson concert where they didn’t sing “Mmmbop.”

If I had it my way, he’d also sing “Something’s Coming” (West Side Story), “What Do I Need With Love” (Thoroughly Modern Millie), and “Don’t Rain on My Parade” (Funny Girl).  Yes, I know.  “Don’t Rain on My Parade” is traditionally a female solo.  But since when has that ever stopped him?  May I remind you that he has covered “Back to Before” (Ragtime), “Fly, Fly Away” (Catch Me if You Can), and “What is This Feeling?” (Wicked, in which he previously starred as Fiyero).  Head on over to YouTube if you haven’t seen the videos and want to be impressed.

But can we go back to talking about how quickly the six shows sold out?

Four shows sold out in a matter of minutes.  Minutes!  Two more shows were added because of the high demand and they sold out instantly.  The days of “that guy… you know, Gabe… from Next to Normal” are over.  Tveit’s fandom has exploded and guys and gals are chomping at the bit for a chance to see him live in living color.

Let’s take a trip back to Tveit’s Next to Normal days.  The first time I ever heard that album was right after the show opened on Broadway in 2009.  I remember sitting in my car with my sister and neither of us could get over “that voice” (whoever the guy with that voice was).  Being from the south, we never did make it up to New York to see the show, but we were (to put it lightly) completely obsessed with Gabe Goodman.  And we weren’t the only ones.

Most everyone who knew about Next to Normal was obsessed with Gabe Goodman.  With his devastatingly boyish charm, rockin’ abs, and affinity for swinging around poles, what was there not to love?  Tveit was becoming the (insert your favorite Hollywood heartthrob here) of the Broadway community.  We watched, we listened and we cried when he didn’t get the Tony nomination we all expected.

Flash forward to the 2011 Tony Awards and the one and only Norbert Leo Butz gives an outstanding performance with the cast of Catch Me If You Can.  But wait?  Who was that cutie who sang the short bit at the beginning?  Could it be?  It’s Gabe!  It took a little while but Tveit was back on Broadway and back in the front of our hearts and minds.  His fan base grew and so did the number of Tumblr posts and tweets he was tagged and mentioned in.

Speaking of Tumblr and Twitter, has anyone else noticed that you can hardly visit one of these sites without coming across his precious face?  Ironic for a man who has sworn off social media altogether.  I really started to notice the upsurge with the December 2012 release of the Les Miserables movie.  You know, just that little movie where he played the guy in the red coat with the completely unpronounceable name.  Enjol-what?  (Just kidding.  I’m totally in love with the movie just like the rest of the world.)

That movie seemed to have a “chicken or the egg” effect on Tveit’s fandom.  Did Les Mis make Tveit popular or was it Tveit that made Les Mis popular?  I think it may be a little of both.  I speak for myself when I say I’ve always been a fan of Les Miserables but it sure as heck didn’t hurt that one of my favorite Broadway boys was playing one of my favorite characters.

Tveit’s career and fandom may have changed over the years but one thing that has not is his humility and good-naturedness.  He never denies his talent but is always grateful for those who have supported him along the way.

Whether you’re a veteran fan or a new one, let’s keep the love alive!  We all know he deserves the best!

Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit

I leave you with the following questions:  When were you first introduced to Tveit?  Are you one of the lucky ones who will be attending one of his 54 Below shows?  What songs would you like to hear him sing?  Which of Tveit’s roles has been your favorite so far?  What role would you like to see him in? Leave a comment and let me know!

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5 Responses

  1. So, last year, one of my friends sang “I’m Alive” for our district Thespian competition! I got to watch him rehearse and I really liked the song! The lyrics were really interesting and it just sounded like a fun, cool song! I looked it up on YouTube right when I got home and proceeded to listen to the rest of the Next to Normal soundtrack! It was a beautiful soundtrack so I decided to do more research on the show! I found out that the beautiful voice of Gabe Goodman belonged to Aaron Tveit! I researched more about him and ever since then, just fell in love and have been following his career ever since! Sadly, after trying both days, at noon, with the access code, I was unable to score tickets! Even more sad, because I’ve never seen him perform live, only through Broadway bootlegs and in movies and on TV! My all-time favorite role he’s ever played was Gabe! The seductivenes, the angel/demon complex he has…there has never been or will never be a better Gabe Goodman! One role I’d love to see him play is Jason McConnell in Bare: A Pop Opera! So happy to hear that his set list includes “I’m Alive”, “There’s a World”, “Goodbye”, “Run Away With Me”, and “One Song Glory”! Anyone who was able to score tickets is extremely lucky! Aaron’s gonna be amazing! He always is!

  2. I was first introduced to Aaron through Next to Normal, a musical that I hadn’t actually found myself, but a friend had recommended it to me. Much like your experience in the article, ‘that guy’ made quite an impression. Vocals = utterly fantastic. I will always think of him first as Gabe Goodman, but I’ll admit I can’t stop smiling or blushing any time he comes on screen as Enjolras. Whoops.

  3. I was first introduced to him at the 2009 Tony’s. I fell in love with N2N (I have a bipolar cousin and it really hit home). Not to mention that voice!!! Then in 2011 I went to NYC to see him in Catch Me. I was one of the lucky ones. I’ll be at the last show on 5-18. I want to hear him sing a Josh Groban song!!!

  4. I’m currently a senior in college and I’ve been a fan of Aaron’s since my first year when my sister first loaned me her copy of Next to Normal. I fell for his voice and the musical instantaneously. It doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly good looking but it’s his talent that always knocks me over. He’s definitely an artist I look to for inspiration. I skipped a class and was lucky enough to snag tickets for one of his shows! They’re sort of a graduation gift to myself. I’d love to hear him do “All That’s Known” or “Left Behind” from Spring Awakening but I’m excited for whatever he has planned!

    Favorite role is definitely Gabe Goodman and I think he’d be phenomenal as the Leading Player in Pippin.

  5. I saw Les Mis Christmas day but wan’t impressed as I was unfamiliar with the music. Fast forward to the Oscars and Aaron striding on stage and I was like, Hello, who is that?? I’ve been obsessed ever since and am so lucky to be flying up to NYC, by myself unfortunately, to the first concert on May 3rd.