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keenan-bolgersThe first article I ever published on was about Andrew and Celia Keenan-Bolger. I started the blog because I wanted a place to express my love for theatre and the people who worked within the industry. Within hours of publishing the article, the Keenan-Bolgers had shared it and were reaching out to me with gratitude for writing it. My immediate thought was “wait, really?” I didn’t have anything else on the site, I had very few followers but their kindness – and resulting encouragement – inspired me to turn into the site it became in the following year.

I have never been shy to praise the performers I adore, shows that make me weep, or how much I love this community. I carry around quotes by Broadway stars in my back pocket and exchange hugs and laughs at the stage door with unbelievably kind, supportive people who are near and dear to my heart.

It’s still remarkable to me that I was abllesliee to turn a small blog into something that allowed me access into the Tony Awards, and many other press ops, and I credit a huge part of that to the people I had working on the site with me and the performers who have supported the site. I launched with the hopes that it could be the meeting place for fans and Broadway professionals to communicate and geek out together. I had experienced solid success with other blogging pursuits and I was hopeful that I could exist in a small corner of the Broadway community.

Over the years since, I have seen some of the people I’ve spent time with experience huge success. Some are on popular television shows, others are in highly-praised theatre productions, and some are even in movies with Hollywood’s A-List. But what keeps me energized is knowing that even with their well-deserved success, they’re the same hard-working people I met years ago. I love spending time with and writing about talented, cool people and learning about what fuels their drive. I equally love to joke with these people and I encourage them to bring out different elements of their personality that don’t often get addressed in interviews.

lesliTo address the elephant in the room, yes I did turn away from the site for personal reasons for a while. I needed a break. I needed to reconnect with other parts of my life and to gain some perspective about where I wanted to take Stage Door Dish. But I’m inspired and ready to come back to the site full-force. I have so many ideas that they’re spilling out of my ears. There are so many exciting things happening in the theatre community right now and I’m eager to become as fully immersed in it as I once was.

Stage Door Dish has always been a labor of love; and it has always been a love letter to the performers and the fans who support them. Since the site has been on hiatus, some of the people who have been most eager to see it return are the people I started writing about years ago.  I truly believe that we are all in this together. Theatre is such a close-knit community and that’s one of the reasons this community is unlike anything else. As I turn to a new page with Stage Door Dish, and look forward to its future, I hope you join me in this happy, exciting journey.

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