An Awfully Big Adventure: Denver, Week 1; “Welcome to the Jungle: A Short Ode to Tech”

Joey deBettencourt dressed as "Boy."

Joey deBettencourt dressed as “Boy.”

Written by Joey deBettencourt

Peter and the Starcatcher starts on the docks of Portsmouth and moves through the bowels of a ship, a fierce storm, and on to an island with a dangerous jungle. Landing in Denver we are faced with an entirely new jungle: Tech.

As we sweated it out in NYC there was an entirely separate crew working on taming our set, costumes, props and lights. At least three semi trucks have spilled a thick wild of theatrical gac onto the stage at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The set itself looks majestic but backstage can be a bit of a beast, and that is what tech is for.

At the start of writing today we are in our second “10 out of 12” meaning that over the course of 12 hours today we will work for 10 hours. Basically it’s a long time to be in the dark of a theatre, so tech can be a bit of an arduous time for both actors and crew alike.

Tech is a lot like hiking through the wilderness: you have to be prepared, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time in the dark, along the way you are going to see some amazing stuff and it feels great once you’re through it.

Piles and piles of laundry, rolls and rolls of mic tape, countless screws and lighting gels later we have got something like a Broadway show. All of that work in NYC is paying off in the higher altitude and in the stress of the lights.

But the show can be a bit rough on us at times.  The time we get with the physical therapist seems too short with all the the bumps, aches and bruises. We will get a day off on Sunday and everyone is looking forward to it, getting a chance to recharge before performances begin. I’m planning on a trip out to do some hiking and relax.

That’s Sunday, and today is only Thursday, so before I start planning a hike I have to get into costume and march through this work day.


(Note: I did make it to Sunday and I went hiking.  It was great.)

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