Broadway Bromance: Rory O’Malley guest starring on Josh Gad’s 1600 Penn tonight

Rory O'Malley and Josh Gad

Rory O’Malley and Josh Gad

Sometimes the most unlikely pair can form an ideal friendship.  Take Broadway stars Josh Gad and Rory O’Malley for example.  One of them is large, loveable and in-your-face-funny; the other is quiet and structured with a boyish charm.  Despite their differences, Josh and Rory have quickly become one of Broadway’s favorite “bromances.”

From Broadway beginnings to Broadway breakthroughs and beyond, it’s hard to find a friendship as solid and constant as Josh and Rory’s.  The duet that says it all is MCC Theatre’s Miscast 2012 where the two pals sing “For Good” from Wicked.  Now that Josh has his own sitcom on NBC, 1600 Penn, there was hardly any question to whether or not Rory would make an appearance, it was only a matter of time.

And we finally have our answer.

Rory will play a rule-abiding tour guide who finds himself at odds with Skip’s antics on tonight’s episode airing at 9:30 p.m.

The Gad-O’Malley bromance began in their college years where they met as two freshmen roommates, both in the drama department at Carnegie Mellon University.  And it’s worth mentioning that they happened to stay roommates throughout the rest of their college career.  These two have probably seen the best and worst of each other, and undoubtedly, shared many memories.

There are widely-circulated stories on the internet about their college years together including one story about Josh waking up one night to find Rory passed out on top of him. The two roommates and friends would share stories and dreams, from Rory opening up about his sexuality to talking with a hopeful resonance about making it big one day.

As if attending the same college as roommates for four years wasn’t enough, Josh and Rory both made their Broadway debut as replacements in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  But it wasn’t until The Book of Mormon that they both garnered national attention.

The critically acclaimed musical swept the nation and virtually every award it was nominated for. As a result, both Josh and Rory began to establish a growing fan base and an influx of Twitter followers.  Both Josh, in the lead role of Elder Cunningham, and Rory, who played supporting role Elder McKinley, were nominated for Tony awards alongside their costars Andrew Rannells and Nikki M. James.  But as all good things must come to an end, Josh left the beloved original cast June 6 in favor of an offer from NBC.  Rory recently left the cast on Jan. 27.

With his first appearance on 1600 Penn airing this evening, fans are already wondering when Rory will reprise his role in a future episode.

Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait too long to see this hilarious Broadway bromance back in action.

We would love to hear from our readers.  What are some of your favorite Rory/Josh stories and moments?  Are there any other beloved Broadway bromances you would like us to write about?

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