Drama Doodles: Jessica Vosk soared to new heights with “Dead Elphaba” Fruma Sarah in Fiddler on the Roof

She took the second star to the right, and straight onto to Anatevka, and now Jessica Vosk is soaring towards her next, currently unannounced project.

It was announced last month that today, August 7, would mark Vosk’s final performance in the iconic role of Fruma Sarah in the current Fiddler on the Roof revival. While it is still being kept quiet where Vosk will steal the scene next, many fans are buzzing with anxious excitement about her next project. Fiddler, which opened on December 20, 2015, also recently announced it would be closing on December 31 and the highly-anticipated Miss Saigon revival will be taking over the Broadway Theatre during the spring 2017 season.

After debuting in Bridges of Madison County as a swing, Vosk flew to Finding Neverland as Mrs. Bassett. Vosk then traded in the magic of Neverland for the bitter dead soul that is Fruma Sarah in Fiddler on the Roof, as well as going on as Golde for several performances.

Fiddler has maintained the traditions that the show has been known for over the decades, but Vosk’s Fruma Sarah is anything but the traditional. She’s been known to post to her social media accounts her videos as she does silly vocal warm-ups and paints on her iconic Fruma face one harsh, overdrawn black eyebrow at a time. Her powerhouse vocals, along with the Broadway magic that has her towering over the audience steal the show each night.

Wicked veteran Dee Roscioli might be take best suited actress to take on the larger-than-life role as Fruma Sarah after Vosk famously penned her performance as “Dead Elphaba.” Roscioli is well-loved and widely recognized for her performance as the “green girl” which she played on Broadway, Chicago, and on the national tour. Vosk and Roscioli recently took to social media to share in the passing of the soccer balls with a photo of Vosk helping Roscioli put on her costume makeup.

Vosk’s journey on Broadway has only just begun; Bridges gave her the start on Broadway that changed it all, Neverland gave Vosk the chance to show Broadway the range of her talent, and Fiddler gave her the acclaim that she greatly deserved – and now there is no telling what incredible accomplishments she will conquer next!

Fruma Sarah

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