‘Glee’ does a ‘Wonder-ful’ job covering Stevie Wonder in this week’s episode

Burt and Blaine in “Wonder-ful.”

Burt and Blaine in “Wonder-ful.”

Once again, Glee has done an episode paying tribute to an iconic musician. This time around, that musician is the one and only Stevie Wonder.

This episode, like Stevie’s music, was happy, uplifting and energetic, which is kind of a nice change from all the intense stuff Glee has thrown at us lately with the school shootings, rapes and catfishing. We love Glee for tackling the hard issues but sometimes it’s emotionally draining to watch.

Thankfully, we have gotten the gleeful Glee back as this episode is about taking on fears, embracing morals and overcoming some of lives biggest obstacles.

Good news, Kurt’s dad Burt is cancer free. It’s nice that something good has happened to Kurt. After a season of parental cancer scares, being cheated on and having to seriously fight to get into a school he should have gotten into on his first try, it’s nice to see Kurt happy. It’s especially nice because it sparks Kurt to sing what might be one of the greatest Stevie Wonder songs, “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.” Even better, this is performed for his father, not for Blaine.

As for Blaine, he is planning on proposing to Kurt. I had the same question Burt did when Blaine addressed him with the question. “Really? Did you learn nothing from Finn and Rachel? Calm down.” Proposing is not the best way to revive a relationship that ended because of your infidelity. That said, I’ll give props to Blaine for his maturity and opting to ask Kurt to stay in Lima instead of asking him to be his lawfully wedded husband.

Mercedes has an interesting plot line of her own, which is nice because we were all starting to miss her, right? There was a void that needed to be filled by her signature belts and riffs. Mercedes is ready to release her album – that is until she is asked to do some things that she is not comfortable with. Being a strong, driven woman, she tells her producer that she refuses to be something she is not. Her record deal may be gone, but her self-respect and integrity remain, and I continue to respect Mercedes for refusing to be anybody but herself.

Artie, for the first time in what seems like a while, gets his own plot-line as he gets in to university in New York, and pretends like his mom wont let him go. We learn later that he is in fact too scared to leave his mom. Katey Segal from 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter and Married with Children plays Artie’s mom, and it is pretty exciting to see her on the show.

Finally, with Kurt, Mike and Mercedes at McKinley, there was only one plot line in New York left to explore – Rachel’s Funny Girl audition. We at first had serious fear instilled in us when Cassandra July returned and with an assumed vengeance. She told Rachel she was going to sabotage her call back, leaving us shocked when it turned out she was joking. While we do not see Rachel’s call back or her results, we do get to see Cassandra July perform “Uptight (Everything’s Alright),” in support of Rachel and her upcoming chance on Broadway. If only cruel teachers all of the sudden became supportive and spontaneously broke out into song and dance.

This episode of Glee was heartwarming without being over done in the least. Instead, it captured the essence of Stevie’s music by featuring all his greatest songs and using them in an episode that centered around faith in one’s self, others and the future.

The next episode of Glee is the season finale! Do you think Blaine will try to propose to Kurt again? Who do you think will win regionals? Let me know in the comments!

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