‘Glee’: Klaine, Quinntana and Finchel hook up in ‘I Do’

It might not have been with Rachel but Quinn explores her sexuality with Santana in "I Do."

It might not have been with Rachel but Quinn explores her sexuality with Santana in “I Do.”


It looks like everyone was hooking up at Will and Emma’s wedding – except Will and Emma.

At least Will gets jilted in style, to the tune of “(Not) Getting Married Today” from Company, as Emma books it out of the church and into a taxi. But these two should fix their relationship by next episode so we aren’t stuck with a long plot about the woes of Will and Emma’s relationship.

Then again, maybe a bit shamefully, it could be really fun to see what could happen between Emma and Finn before he gets back together with Rachel.

However, like most episodes of Glee, the driving plot wasn’t the adults. (Did anyone else hardly notice that Schue was gone for a few months?) Tonight’s episode was so much more than a failed walk down the aisle. It was the episode, just one hour of agony and complete indulgence, which left every loyal Glee shipper hanging on the edge of their seat.

Kurt and Blaine make out in the backseat of a car, Rachel and Finn share a moment over a fateful daisy (and actually use the word “endgame”, a word that weeping shippers know a thing or two about) and Quinn has sex with a girl. Finally.

It was like most of my wildest dreams for Glee finally came true and all I could do was watch and try to soak it all in.

Blaine and Kurt "sort of" reunite in "I Do."

Blaine and Kurt “sort of” reunite in “I Do.”


The first couple that gets somewhat of a second chance is Kurt and Blaine who are otherwise known by shippers around the world as Klaine. (Don’t ask what a shipper is if you don’t know because you don’t want to know.) They make out, Blaine starts grabbing at Kurt’s clothes and then Mercedes bangs on the window. It’s incredibly comical that the show doesn’t mind turning Mercedes into a villain for always being the one to break up an intimate Klaine moment.

But later, even after presumably having sex in a hotel room above Will and Emma’s wedding reception (because with or without a wedding, a bunch of underaged kids deserve party – right?), Kurt assures Blaine that they are “just friends.”

Kurt makes reference to “sort of dating” someone in New York which means there will hopefully be a “Kadam vs. Klaine” showdown in an upcoming episode. My personal choice as the winner of that brawl would be Sam Evans but I’ll admit that I’m still stuck somewhere in season two when it comes to that.

Quinn and Santana arrive at the wedding together, whine their way through the jilted ceremony then use fake IDs to buy a few drinks before they stumble into bed. Of course Glee can’t do us all a favor and show a kiss between the two of them but Quinn’s messy hair spoke volumes. As did the fact that she decided to take Santana’s request for a round two rather than leaving, even after she said it was a “one time” event. Sure Quinn, we’ve been onto you since season one.

For an attentive Glee viewer, the scene between Quinn and Santana might have brought you back to when New Directions headed to New York City for nationals and there’s a moment of curiosity between Quinn, Santana and Brittany when a threesome is mentioned. (Quinn thinks Santana is inviting her to bed, Santana was really thinking about a haircut.)

But Brittany is nowhere to be found and only surfaces with Sam to fuel Santana’s bitter sense of rejection.

Then there’s the one ship that rules them all: Finchel.

Since episode one of season one, Glee has forced Finchel down the throats of its fans. Finn and Rachel were going to end up together at the end, that’s what we were told repeatedly for three seasons.

But then Rachel moved to New York, started wearing thick eyeliner and got involved with a hot upperclassman.

But for those of us who held on tight to hope that the pair would be reunited, there was a glimmer of potential in their duet of “We’ve Got Tonight.” There’s nothing quite as sweet as a good Finchel duet, especially when it has been long overdue.

After a night of passion with Finn, Rachel heads back to New York to find her apartment decked out with all of the finest Valentine’s Day decorations her sorta-kinda boyfriend Brody could find. He claims it took him two days to decorate the apartment but a quick flashback of him exiting an apartment with a wad of cash, and Rachel later stumbling upon an address book, raises the question on whether Brody’s paying tuition by being an escort.

And because this is Glee and when it rains, it pours, Rachel takes a pregnancy test and the look on her face as she reads the results isn’t relief. But that’s what happens when you try to copy Sex and the City, Rachel.

The episode ends with the best musical number of the night, a New Directions performance of Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen” to help cheer up Will, while Glee fangirls and fanboys everywhere reveled after an incredibly gluttonous episode.

Who were you most excited to see in the throes of passion, Gleeks? Which pair are you still dying to see get a chance? Let us know in comments!

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2 Responses

  1. if Quinn and Santana were gonna happen, I wish it happened after Quinn and Joe did everyone just forget that they ever happened? seemed like the only Quinn guy relationship that was really working, they were really sweet together now she is doing her professors and talking about how she hates guys with no mention of Joe ever.. it’s like Ryan forgot he put them together.. I really liked their chemistry too.. their story was just left off and abandoned.. the way glee has been going lately makes no sense to me..

    • I have always jokingly said that Quinn has become a vehicle for Ryan Murphy to throw wherever he wants her to be in any given episode. One week she’s fiery and doesn’t want a boyfriend, the next she’s pining for whoever happens to be available, the next her name isn’t even Quinn and then she’s in a wheelchair. I actually love that Glee provided a bit of fanfare with Quinn’s sexuality (come on, Faberry shippers make themselves known – and they’re super talented with their art too) but I can’t take Quinn’s character seriously at all which is a shame because Dianna is a great actress.