‘Glee’: Klaine shares a moment in whimsy, Rachel is pregnant and Marley is in a love triangle

Jake sings "Unchained Melody" to Marley on Glee.

Jake sings “Unchained Melody” to Marley on Glee.

Rachel is pregnant, Kurt might not be over Blaine and wiggling your way through the library at William McKinley High School is treated like a totally normal occurrence.

Balancing pop culture reference with some mild character development, Glee delivered an episode that referenced some of the biggest films from recent decades including Top Gun, Risky Business, Say Anything, Ghost and Royal Wedding.

But as great as it was to hear Marley be serenaded with “Unchained Melody” by Jake and Ryder, the only musical number that people will be talking about is the “Come What May” fantasy sequence.

With flashbacks to previous episodes, including season two’s “Never Been Kissed” in which Kurt and Blaine met, Klaine fans were gifted a completely gratuitous and whimsical rendition of the signature Moulin Rouge ballad.

And while I will be the first to admit that I would buy an album of Klaine duets, I don’t want to see them get back together.

Kurt is in New York, he’s moving away from Lima and he’s finally met a boy who has a vested interest in him and always treats him well. Blaine, on the other hand, is becoming even more of a prima donna than he has been since he entered Glee two seasons ago.

Capturing the romantic essence portrayed in the 2001 film by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, it was less about the song and the scene itself and more about the concept that bothered me. No matter how far they try to get away from Lima, it seems there’s always something (or someone) holding Rachel and Kurt back. And after watching the show for four seasons, I am ready to see them mature and move on.

Though if I went to a high school where impromptu sing-alongs happened in the library and students danced on the cafeteria tables I might have a hard time leaving the past behind me too. The glee students are either the most rowdy and wild kids in the school or they’re having slushies thrown in their face.

“Shout”, Glee’s 500th musical number, was definitely worthy of the distinction and was one of the high-points in a fluffy episode where tender moments including Rachel breaking down in front of Santana about her possible pregnancy and Will and Emma reuniting after she bailed on their wedding day were cut short in favor of squeezing in as many film references as possible.

Santana, who has always been a fierce queen, is the only one in the episode who seems to have her head completely wrapped around reality, even if she’s an incredibly intrusive and nosy roommate. She calls out Brody’s sketchy behavior (but is he a drug dealer or an escort?) and is first to mention Rachel’s pregnancy test. I’m incredibly eager to see what Santana does in New York when she stops following Rachel and Kurt around to make fun of them and accept their handouts.

With next week’s previews promising a potentially awkward episode which will fuel my never-answered question about why Will Schuester’s only friends are his students, my thirst for Glee in its true, authentic witty and dramatic form has yet to be quenched in recent weeks and I’m not putting too much faith in next week.

What did you think of tonight’s episode, Gleeks? Do you think Klaine should give it another try or is Adam a better guy for Kurt? Is Brody a drug dealer or a male Pretty Woman? Are you team Ryder or team Jake? Talk to me about it in the comments!

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