‘Glee’: Rachel Berry pursues her ‘Sweet Dreams’ with a little help from Finn and the original glee club

Rachel Berry and the original Glee Club in "Sweet Dreams."

Rachel Berry and the original Glee Club in “Sweet Dreams.”

Rachel Berry voiceovers always perfectly encapsulate her obsessive yet admirably driven nature. That is why it is not shocking that her Barbra-heavy voice over set the tone for an episode of goal-getting and dreaming big.

This episode of Glee surrounds the ambitions of Rachel, Marley, and Mr. Schuester. While all are driven to get what they want, one has a harsh way of going about it.

Mr. Shuester is a very dual-natured person in many ways – sometimes he has all the love in the world for the choir kids and encourages them to speak their mind, while at other times it’s his way or the highway. Can you blame the guy? He’s had a hard year, you know, being left at the altar and all.

The glee club kids unsurprisingly have issues with Mr. Schuester when he dictates what they will sing at sectionals and refuses to take any input. As the “New Rachel,” Blaine is appalled and gets a little sassy towards Mr. Schuester. I just had to sigh and think “Blaine, don’t you know how this works? Mr. Schuester will hear you guys sing and change his mind. I know you’re new here, but still – come on.”

Marley seems to be very distressed about this, but characteristically bites her tongue. However, when it becomes too much for her to internalize, she secretly rounds up a few glee kids to announce that she has written a few songs and wants to sing them at regionals. The kids sing her song about outcasts – shocker – and they love it. It was pretty adorable, and Unique never ceases to own every song with her hair flipping and riffs.

Meanwhile, Finn is at college trying to achieve his own dreams of being a teacher – so he parties hard with Puck (where did he come from? Does it matter?). When he is done with the party heavy college experience (that was fast), he swallows his pride to take Mr. Schuester up on his offer of coming back to help. Conveniently, he will get college credit for his volunteer work.

Speaking of dreams, we know it is Rachel Berry’s dream to play Fanny Brice, and the highlight of this episode is not the party sequences, nor new original songs; it’s the events surrounding Rachel’s audition for Funny Girl. With stellar Barbra Streisand impressions, a sweet phone call with Finn and a visit from her mother (it will never not be exciting seeing Idina Menzel on screen), Rachel is set for a killer audition.

Glee loves to reminisce about its season one glory days, so Rachel sings “Don’t Stop Believing” as her audition song.  The number becomes one of the most emotional of the season the second Lea Michele extends her hand and the curtains rise to show the original glee club members clad in red shirts and jeans motivating her performance. I cried, you probably cried, we all cried. Okay, I generally cry when Lea Michele sings.

Just like in the initial performance, Rachel saunters around Finn in a flirty way that makes the viewers nostalgic and reminds them of how this number set them up to be a couple on the show.. Many may beg to differ, but Finchel will always reign strong in some of our hearts, and Glee never fails to prove to us that no matter what they go through, they are there for one another. If it wasn’t for Finn’s call, Rachel might have just caved and been one of those standard candidates who sang a Barbra Streisand song for their audition, and as a result, she might not have ended up getting a callback.

Special shout out to Kurt for being there with love, support, and cookies when Rachel got the call. Not to mention that his extensive collection of scarves is a prominent part of the show as a whole.

It’s also important to mention the many ways all the Glee club members went insane this episode.  Sam thinks he has an evil twin, and I find it hard to believe Blaine was the only one getting really annoyed by it.  Blaine was full of sass. Maybe he has a better chance with Evan Evans?  Last, but not least, Tina, sweetie, what are you wearing? The girl adapts a whole new style that made her Goth phase seem fashionable.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode?  Will Rachel do as well in her callback?  Let me know in the comments!

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