‘Glee’ recap: Divas are unleashed, Santana starts new and Tina finishes a song


Tina Cohen-Chang shows off her inner-diva in this week's episode of Glee.

Tina Cohen-Chang shows off her inner-diva in this week’s episode of Glee.

It wouldn’t be Glee if there wasn’t an over-the-top diva off.

As they prepare to take on Regionals, Lessons of the Week themes have returned (thanks Ms. Pillsbury!) and the glee club learns a lesson in channeling their inner-diva.

But perhaps the biggest diva isn’t in the choir room but away in New York City where Rachel Berry is quickly adjusting to the life of a “rising star” (at least in her own mind) and turning her best friend and roommate Kurt into her faithful servant.

With news that Funny Girl is planning to make a Broadway revival this season, it is a must that Rachel should audition according to her new friends at NYADA. Rachel, being Barbra Streisand’s self-appointed number one fan, thinks that her idol is the only Fanny Brice but her friends call her the equivalent of Barbra.

And that was all Rachel needed to hear to push this diva over the edge.

In order to be as good as Barbra, Rachel takes drastic measures including having Kurt answer her phone calls and in Kurt’s words: “having prima donna like tendencies.” (That just sounds like typical Rachel Berry to me.) Apparently Rachel’s over the top attitude has gone too far for one Mr. Kurt Hummel because in a montage and a well over due Kurt voice-over, he needs to knock her down a few pegs. Uh oh.

Cut to life over at McKinley where Emma is still going crazy trying to put the final touches on her wedding details. With Will away for one more week, it’s up to Emma to make the decisions on the wedding. Apparently Will wants to go to Costa Rica for their honeymoon but Emma doesn’t agree. In what I think has to be the funniest line of this episode she blurts out, “Us gingers can’t be that close to the equator.” Genius.

Finn is really nervous that when Will comes back to take over the glee club again that he will be out of a job. It seems as if Finn is really fitting into the whole teaching lifestyle and it’s something that he wants to continue. Emma tells him that Will wouldn’t just kick him out on the streets since he’s done a great job with getting the club to Regionals.

The fact that Tina is in love with Blaine saddens me. It’s as if the writers just don’t want her to be happy and have a decent storyline. Blaine is gay. Tina knows and is setting herself up for heartbreak. Yes, she did have Mike and even Artie for a while back in the first season (aw, remember the good old days?), but none of them lasted. For once I would just love to see Tina with an actual storyline that doesn’t involve her crying or never finishing a solo.

Blaine shows off his inner diva by performing a rendition of “Don’t Stop Me Now” and channels Queen’s front-man Freddy Mercury wearing a studded leather jacket. It’s also the first number in the episode that entices the audience to get up and dance with the characters.

It’s not Diva Week until the Queen Bee, Santana Lopez, stop by. (But, can we talk about how much this girl travels? Wasn’t she just in New York last week with Rachel and now she’s in Lima all while going to school in Kentucky? Are we sure she’s still even in school and this “Nutbush City Lights” cheerleading musical number wasn’t just for show?) What Santana finds out did find out on her Lima visit was that her former girlfriend, Brittany, is dating Sam. Santana and Sam duke it in the way only way members of the glee club do, through song. Duetting on the classic “Make No Mistake (She’s Mine)”, Brittany overhears the singing and has a heart-to-heart with Santana in which they decide that while their relationship is over, they will continue being best friends.

Finn and Emma share a surprising moment in this week's episode of Glee.

Finn and Emma share a surprising moment in this week’s episode of Glee.

Finn is feeling like a “man-boy” and asks for advice from Emma about moving on from Rachel and should he find someone new. Finn gives Emma a glare that we’ve only see him do with two other girls, Quinn and Rachel.

Bring Him Home from Les Miserables was the sing-off song of choice for Rachel and Kurt to determine who better diva is. Seems like an odd song choice in an episode packed with Barbra, Madonna and Queen but it turns out Kurt was the better of the two. Which no surprise, didn’t fit well with Rachel.

Coach Sue cracked the case that Santana did in fact drop out of college in Kentucky a month ago. Apparently people in Louisville can’t handle the brutal honesty of Santana Lopez. Well, at least she now has a job as a backup coach for the Cheerios.

One of the big shockers of this episode isn’t that Tina gets to finish a song (since when does that happen?) but she wins the competition for being the baddest diva! You go Tina Cohen-Chang.

But the biggest shock of all was a liplock between Emma and Finn.

Yes, Finn kisses Emma. “On the mouth”, as he clarifies in next week’s promo in a conversation with Rachel.

Could there be something brewing between this former-student and guidance counselor? But after everything Will has done for Finn, even becoming a surrogate father figure, it feels wrong to be supportive of whatever is going on.

The episode ends with another stunning solo from Santana, this time “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys, in which Santana transitions from Lima to New York City.

“I’m moving in,” she tells Kurt and Rachel when she arrives on their doorstep, leaving them speechless.

Can’t wait to see what trouble lies ahead for these three.


Who was your favorite diva, Gleeks? What do you think of the surprising Finn and Emma (already dubbed as “Femma” by fans) lip lock? Leave a comment and tells us what you’re thinking about this week’s surprising episode.

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