‘Glee’ season finale ‘All or Nothing’ unveils Ryder’s catfisher but provides little closure

Blaine and Marley in "All or Nothing."

Blaine and Marley in “All or Nothing.”

This week was the finale of Glee’s fourth season. I’m using the term finale loosely, as there was no tying up of plot lines or closure and it seemed to just cut off more than actually end.

During this season, audiences were given a few plot arcs that were carried through to the finale: Ryder’s catfish, Blaine’s chasing Kurt and Rachel Berry’s road to Funny Girl. While some plot lines were eye roll-worthy, some had viewers on the edges of their seats.

Ryder’s catfish was a plot line that was interesting, especially because it continued longer than most of Glee’s arcs. The tension built for a few episodes and there was an eventual climax in this finale. I feel like most viewers figured the catfish was Unique, but wanted to know for sure anyway. Blake Jenner proved to be quite the actor this season as his character had quite a bit of baggage with emotional monologues to accompany it. This plot line was one to be invested in.

Klaine‘s break-up was one of the greatest things of the season. It was nice that there was not an immediate reunion; instead a chance was posed for both characters to grow and become individual characters instead of two halves of a whole. Still, Blaine has chased Kurt since their falling out, and it has been nice seeing Kurt play mind games after being toyed with. So naturally, the finale needed to give us some Klaine closure – except it didn’t.

Blaine is still out to marry Kurt, and it’s infuriating. Blaine seems to think people are only against him proposing because he is gay…but no. People are against him proposing because he is too young; people had the same issue with Finn and Rachel. The only consistent thing this episode was Blaine’s whining. Did I mention that these two aren’t even dating? Where’s Adam to sweep Kurt off his feet?

Instead of tying up season-long plot lines like Rachel’s future as Fanny Brice, this episode of Glee was, for some reason, all about Britney and how she’s going to M.I.T. Surprise, after four seasons of making a spectacle of her apparent lack of intelligence, she was secretly a super genius all a long. There is a small possibility they spent the whole episode writing Britney off for good because Heather Morris is pregnant.

As for Rachel Berry’s plot line, the whole season did a spectacular job at showing her growth. She got way in over her head, as expected when you make drastic life changes, but Kurt grounded her. Her audition and then call back was a long time coming, and everyone wants to know if Rachel Berry will land on Broadway. Viewers see Rachel perform at her callback, but she doesn’t appear after her performance, which takes place in the first ten minutes of the episode. A finale without Rachel Berry?  I’m sorry, what?

The best points of the episode can be counted on one hand: Rachel Berry singing Celine Dion, the endearing elderly lesbian couple, Santana’s hair, Ryder’s angst and Artie belting “Hall of Fame.”

Do you think Glee will salvage itself over the next two seasons, or have you lost hope? Will Rachel land on Broadway?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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