‘Glee’: ‘The Feud’ puts Finn back in the spotlight, gives glimmer of hope for a Finchel reunion

Finn, Ryder and Sam in "The Feud."

Finn, Ryder and Sam in “The Feud.”

What’s the best way to cool rising tempers? A sing-off!

Glee started as an episode that has been seen a dozen times. Characters in battle sing at each other until their problems are solved through the lesson of the week and the episode ends with a happy group number.

And while that was almost the case, one character made this an episode worth watching.

Finn has grown from a lovable doofus to a man who wanted to save his late father’s legacy to the man who is determined to marry his high school sweetheart.

If you missed every other line in the episode, the only really important one was “stay away from my future wife” which was delivered by Finn to Rachel’s current beau Brody as Finn beat the daylights out of him for being a secret gigolo.

But stepping up for the woman he loves, and setting all of the hearts of Finchel shippers alight (mine included), here’s the top three ways Finn dominated tonight’s episode:

He was the bigger man in his feud with Will Schuester. Not only did Finn come clean about kissing Emma when he didn’t have to but when Will was unable to forgive him Finn walked away even after a slew of insults which included Will informing Finn that he only helped him get the job coaching the glee club out of pity. Of course, this comes from a man who framed Finn in season one to join the glee club.

Finn finally found his purpose. After a brief chat with Marley in the teacher’s room, Finn’s pause after Marley suggests he go and get a teaching degree was so thrilling. We have seen Finn struggle to find his way and his decision to enlist in the army to redeem his father’s reputation didn’t fit in with his character even if it was noble. Teaching is the perfect job for him.

Finchel Forever. I have been using this phrase since season one and I’ll use it long after Glee ends its run. Although there wasn’t any backstory to how Santana got Finn to fly out to New York, my guess is he took the first flight after Santana said Rachel needed help. And hearing that Finn still has every intention of marrying Rachel (does anyone remember how this almost happened last season?) was as comforting as it was exciting. No matter what Glee does wrong, Finchel is the one thing that’s dependable.

Other relevant facts from this episode: Blaine and Sam are out to destroy Sue Sylvester before graduation, Blaine is kinda-sorta-ish a bottom but how Sue Sylvester knew that to put it in skywriting makes no sense (lucky guess?), Ryder has an online girlfriend (and in total disclosure, I hope and pray it turns out to be Jake – plot twist?!) and Santana, the only one in NYC keeping it real, is new friends with Lena Dunham.

What was your favorite part of the episode, Gleeks? Are you ready to see Brody leave or should Rachel move past his job? (After all, paying tuition is important!) Are you hopeful for a Finchel reunion? Talk to me in comments about this episode!

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4 Responses

  1. I don’t need a Finchel reunion right away, but it was nice to see Finn’s fist hit the gigolo’s face. Rachel’s going to come undone when she finally realizes all the signs she’s been ignoring. I need Finn to end up in NYC by the end of this season though. I can’t deal with the geographical separation extending into season 5. And I wish they’d give NYC a little more focus. Jarley scenes equal potty breaks for me.

    • I liked Brody in the first part of the season then it started going downhill. I want Finchel back together desperately. I have faith that it will happen though.
      I prefer the group dynamic of Marley-Jake-Ryder more than Jarley.
      But you’re in luck because I heard they’re transitioning the show for next season… but it’s Glee so I won’t make promises.

  2. LOVE THIS!! Agree with everything

    • I felt like I was partially watching a classic episode of Glee because FINN wasn’t just some Will Jr. and it was fantastic.
      Who do you think Ryder’s online beau is?