Graceland: Korean karaoke, Guadalajara dogs, and illegal bullets… Oh my!

Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren and Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie DeMarco in 'Graceland'

Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren and Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie DeMarco in ‘Graceland’

Well, since I saw the pilot episode about a month early when USA Network previewed it on demand, I think I was more excited for Episode 2’s debut.

In tonight’s episode, we see Mike struggle with leaving the rulebook behind.  He goes after a young chip thief and spends the first half of the show trying to find some sort of ammo (pun intended) to convince Briggs that he’s ready to work the field.

We also learn that Mike’s grandfather was a crime scene photographer, which got him interested in the FBI in the first place.  His ultimate goal is to become an FBI director and investigating Briggs is his ticket in.  The deal is, Mike investigates Briggs and he gets his assignment moved to D.C.  Before, this secret investigation was just an assignment.  Now, it’s a motive.  The cover for his weekly check-ins?  Mike’s seeing a “shrink,” and his fellow housemates think it’s cute that he’s getting the “help he needs.”

Sound the alarm!  We finally meet Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan)!  Might I add that she makes quite a first impression with her Korean karaoke solo?  Not to mention there’s a frisky game of grab-ass between Paige, Mike, and Charlie.  Not a bad way to meet your new housemate, eh?

I’m not sure if this is significant or not, but Paige is the first person I’ve heard refer to Briggs by his first name and it caught my attention.  Let’s not pretend there’s nothing going on between Paige and “Paul” here.  Briggs hated Mike’s idea to use Jakes’ illegal armor-piercing bullets to lure Bello, and as soon as Paige said she needed help with her case he all of a sudden thinks Mike’s plan is wonderful?  No way.  He’s only using Mike’s idea to impress the lady.  I just know it!  But what the heck is between them?  I’m dying to know!  A past love affair perhaps?

I sort of missed that there was no mention of “the movie” in this episode.  I’ve said it before, but I really hope they continue with that whole idea.  Hopefully it will pop up again during next week’s episode.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Can we take a moment to recognize that episode 2 ended with another cliffhanger?!  My jaw hit the floor!  I know there’s some reason to trust Briggs and some reason not to, but pulling a gun on Mike when no one else is around is the last thing I expected.  Part of me thinks this might be another one of Brigg’s plans that he isn’t letting Mike in on until he’s already in the midst of it.  After all, it’s not the first time.  Remember the Guadalajara dog?  All part of the plan.  Brigg’s secret plan, that is.

What I want to know from all of you is what you think is going on between Briggs and Paige, and whether or not you think Mike’s intentions are as upstanding as they appear to be.  Leave a comment and let me know!

Tune in next week to USA Network for Graceland season 1, episode 3.  And don’t forget to check out for exclusive videos and to explore the house!

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