Graceland: Johnny gets inked and Mike gets shaken in ‘Pizza Box’

Serinda Swan as Paige Arkin in 'Graceland'

Serinda Swan as Paige Arkin in ‘Graceland’

Mikey’s got a girlfriend!  Mikey’s got a girlfriend!  According to Johnny, text messages don’t make guys grin.  This week’s episode of Graceland kicks off with a more light-hearted start than we’ve seen so far.  Charlie is making a family ragu recipe complete with embellished family legends while Mike is slaphappy over his new crush.  It doesn’t stay cute and sweet for very long though.

Paige has a big drug bust up her sleeve.  She’s trying to take down a weed farm and recruits Johnny, Charlie, and Jakes to give her a hand.  I’ve never been much of a tattoo-loving girl, but that skin art Charlie gives Johnny for his “character” is quite something.  That ink gets him in trouble later when he sleeps with Jakes’ weed farmer friend and she discovers the smeared ink.  Never fear though, Paige saves the day when she crashes her truck into the barn and takes the crazy lady down!

I really like Paige.  She’s the perfect blend of tough and feminine.  Pretty and blonde, but don’t mess with this one.  I’d love to see an episode with her all dressed to the nines while taking the bad guys down.  She could fit right into a James Bond movie!

Also, shout out to Dale Jakes for being one of the most subtly hilarious characters on television.  Between his “I’m like black Jesus” comment from last week’s episode and telling Johnny “You’re a federal agent with a henna tattoo” this week, I cannot stop laughing.  Please keep the comedy coming, Jakes.  I love it!

Mike and Briggs get a sit down meeting with Bello, in which Mike is recruited to teach Bello’s men how to shoot their guns.  Bravo to Charlie for calling Briggs out on being jealous that Mike has taken the reigns of his case.  “Quarterback syndrome” she calls it.  Is he really jealous though, or does he just not trust Mike?  Maybe it’s a little of both.  Either way, he helps Mike out by telling the Bureau that Mike is going to have to actually train Bello’s men on their guns rather than pretend in order to keep his eyeballs… literally.  Please, Bello, please keep those baby blues in tact.

It’s not just Bello we have to worry about though… His right hand man doesn’t trust Mike.  Was I the only one whose breath hitched a little when Mike was thrown to the ground with a gun pointed in his face?  Scary!

The episode comes full circle when Charlie dishes out her sauce, and of course Briggs and Mike are called back to work when Bello summons Mike for an evening lesson… Although, the lesson isn’t quite what we expected to see.  Bello catches wind that Mike may be working with the FBI, but Mike’s resounding “no” and unwavering stare convinces him otherwise.  Bello’s right hand man is then given the choice of killing Mike or himself.  Realizing that he can’t win this fight, Mike watches as this slave to crime takes his own life.

Don’t cry, Mikey!  Don’t cry!  For the first time we see a less-than-put-together Mike Warren as he realizes the true dangers of his job.  He is so shaken by what he saw that he couldn’t even keep it together for his date with Abby.  The man can’t stop grinning one minute, and the next he can’t even eat.  Maybe he needs to see a shrink after all.  And let’s be real, no one likes to see grown men cry.  It’s ten times sadder than when girls cry!

This week’s episode took a very dark turn and although it left me staring with a gaping mouth, I hope it continues this way.  I love being shocked by the twists and turns, and I love not being able to predict what will happen next.  Graceland is so different than any other television show I’ve seen, and I think it’s going to be an asset to USA Network.  Hopefully it will draw in viewers who wouldn’t otherwise be attracted to the network.

What was the most shocking part of tonight’s episode for you?  Was it Johnny getting caught by weed farm girl, was it realizing that Dale Jakes is a secret comedian, or was it Mike witnessing a suicide?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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