Graceland: Mike goes to jail and spills the beans in “King’s Castle”

Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren in 'Graceland'

Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren in ‘Graceland’

There are two major things that I want to talk about from tonight’s episode.  The first is that, although I keep saying I want nothing more than for Briggs to not actually be the bad guy, I’m starting to feel that I just want someone to get him already.  And I hope that someone is Charlie.  I understand why he thought he had to dump Juan’s body instead of notifying the FBI that “Jangles” was done for.  It’s no longer considered self-defense because he was under the influence.  But watching all of that happen really made my stomach sick.

Juan isn’t the only one who has been hurt by Briggs.  Mike goes undercover in jail to try to convince Bello to out Odin in exchange for protection, but Bello finds out who Mike is because of Briggs.  He beats the tar out of an already incredibly injured Mike Warren, and what makes me so mad is that Briggs pretends to be Mike’s buddy and then makes sure Bello finds out Mike is FBI.  He knows Mike was going to get hurt, but I guess that’s what the bad guys do to try to keep their cover.  They hurt the people closest to them.

I’m so glad that Mike was able to explain things to Paige and get her back on his side.  I think they need each other.  They need at least one other person in that household they can be honest with.

Speaking of being honest, Mike may have been a little too honest with Briggs when he… wait for it… told Briggs that he’s been investigating him!  I thought Mike may have briefly lost his pretty little dirty blond head, but later we find out he wanted to see Briggs’ reaction when he mentioned Juan’s name to see if he knew who Juan was.  This goes without saying, but Mike’s smart.  I just wish he was smart enough to see through Briggs.

The second thing that I want to talk about is the fact that Mike doubts his career choice.  Haven’t we all done that?  All his life he wanted to be an FBI agent just like his grandfather, and make sure that the good in the world wins.  That’s what’s so great about Mike, though.  He really wants to do what is right.  This undercover job has jaded him and made him see that maybe the life of an FBI agent isn’t so “white knight-ish” as he thought it would be.

I think what Bello said to Mike really sank deep.  Bello essentially told him that the only difference between them is that Bello would pay for his actions.  I don’t think this is true, but I do think that’s what forced all the honesty out of Mike with Paige and Briggs this episode.  He wants justice, but he’s tired of going about it in the wrong way.  Things get sticky when these guys are under cover and I think Mike started to lose his sense of right and wrong.

Maybe this was a lesson in learning that despite the fact that we think we know what we want and we work all our lives to achieve it, when we finally reach that goal we may realize that what we wanted isn’t what’s good for us and what’s good for us we may have missed along the way.

Only two episodes left of this season of Graceland, folks!  We’re getting close!  I’m slightly annoyed that this show is taking yet another two-week hiatus, but look forward to reaching the end.  I’m very anxious to see how this is going to wrap up.  Although, I sort of hope it doesn’t wrap up because I’d love to see season two happen!  Crossing fingers…. And toes… and eyes.

I’d love to hear what you think about Mike spilling the beans to Paige and Briggs about his investigation.  Do you think Mike is too naïve in believing that Briggs is an innocent man?  Do you think Briggs will step in to make sure Mike never finds out what happened with Juan?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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