Graceland: Pairs are Formed and Briggs Runs Away in ‘Happy Endings’

Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs and Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren in 'Graceland'

Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs and Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren in ‘Graceland’

Johnny called it in last week’s episode… The Graceland gang is falling apart.  This week we have seen them team up in pairs, all plotting against each other.

To summarize, Paige has partnered with Mike to assist in his investigation of Briggs.  Johnny has agreed to help Charlie and who they think is a cop (actually Jangles) hunt down Odin.  And, Jakes is now in cohort with Briggs to keep Mike from finding out the truth.  So complicated, and so perfect.

I’m actually, in a weird way, proud of Paul Briggs for finally coming out and speaking the truth to Jakes about Juan’s murder.  It’s what I believe to be the first ounce of honesty we’ve heard from him this entire season.  While I still hate that he’s been such a jerk and dug himself into really bad situations, the truth always comes out and I’m glad he at least told one person.

At this point everyone seems to know Briggs is up to no good except Johnny.  I wonder when he’ll come around and realize that Charlie is right to be skeptical.

I’m really worried about Charlie and I’m very happy that Johnny stepped in to help her even though it’s going to drag him into the Jangles situation, too.  If Johnny weren’t there no one would have any clue who Charlie is working with, and I have a feeling she’s going to need to be rescued from this guy.  She almost went into an apartment with him alone tonight and that could have been very bad.  Even deadly.  I just hope she’s not stupid enough to give him Briggs’ name.

For tonight’s dose of drama, the Mike/Briggs investigation saga continues.  Briggs now knows Mike is investigating him, and he’s had a really hard time escaping Mike’s presence.  Mike is very good at his job and I think Briggs has underestimated him.  They are both out looking for Juan’s car, and they wind up both working with the same criminal to get to it.

The plan?  Participate in a massage parlor robbery in which Juan’s car (that had been stolen from where he left it) would be used as their getaway.  If Briggs gets to it first, he’s going to destroy the recording from the night he murdered Juan.  If Mike gets to it first, he will finally know the truth and his investigation will be over.

In a glorious twist of events, Mike winds up getting to the car first.  But, wait.  The tape with the recording is missing!  Who the heck has it?!  I’m dying to find out.  I’m also bummed for Mike because he was so close to putting this investigation (that he seems to have a love/hate relationship with) to rest.  What we do know is that Briggs has assumed Mike found the tape and the truth, and he has fled Graceland.

The end of this episode leaves me with a lot of questions.  Who has the tape?  How did he/she get it?  Where did Briggs run to, and does Jakes know where he’s going?  Will Charlie and Johnny figure out that they’ve been face-to-face with Jangles?  And most importantly, is Paige in love with Mike?  (Is anyone else getting that vibe?)

Hopefully my questions will be answered in next week’s Graceland Season 1 finale.  I can’t believe it’s already here!  Are there any questions that you are hoping the finale episode will answer?  How do you predict Season 1 will end?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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