Graceland: Secrets are cracked wide open in “Smoke Alarm”

Manny Montana as Johnny Tuturro and Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs in 'Graceland'

Manny Montana as Johnny Tuturro and Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs in ‘Graceland’

This week’s episode of Graceland was bloodier than last week, shocking, and Shakespearean in a way.  Ok that sounds like a little bit of a stretch, but hear me out.  At the end of most of Shakespeare’s plays (generally the comedies) there is a big revelation scene.  Pieces of the puzzle get put back together, so to speak.  Characters are revealed for who they really are.  That was the theme tonight.  So many secrets cracked open, yet still not too many answers found.  Here is a list of the big secrets revealed in tonight’s episode:

1.   Mike realizes that the bureau has bugged his room.  Remember that picture Juan gave to Mike that his grandfather took?  Bugged.  Juan has been listening to everything that’s been said in his room.  It seems as though Mike is only a pawn in the real investigation on Agent Briggs.  And, I suppose that Paige is no longer the only person who knows that Abby was in Mike’s room.

2.   Briggs reveals that he not only wants justice, but vengeance against Jangles.  This wasn’t really a secret, but he finally admitted it.  He also said that sometimes you have to use one monster as bait to get to another one.  Interesting choice of words considering the fact that we now know that Briggs is Odin.

3.  Juan has a personal vendetta against Briggs, which is why Mike has been sent to investigate him in the first place.  Juan is accusing Briggs of the murder of several agents in a previous Graceland-type house.  His best friend was one of those agents.  Juan also used the bit about using one monster as bait to get to another.  Who is he talking about in this case?  Is Mike the bait that Juan needs to get to Briggs?  That’s what I’m thinking.

4.  Johnny reveals to Briggs that Charlie thinks he is connected with Odin.  She’s exactly right but Johnny thinks she’s crazy and Briggs is thankful for that.  Don’t be so naïve, Johnny.  It may come back to bite you.

5.  This secret was revealed to the audience, not necessarily to Charlie, but I’m pretty positive she came face-to-face with Jangles and doesn’t know it.  Remember the “cop” she met in Briggs’ hotel room?  That’s him.  I know that’s him.  It has to be him!  And now he knows Charlie is FBI, but does she know who he really is?  I hope so!

6.  One of Bello’s guys is ratting him out to everyone at the bar Johnny and Briggs visited, which means that Jangles knows where Bello and Mike are hiding out.  No bueno.  This can only end badly.  Am I the only one who hopes to never again see Mike in a hospital bed?

7.  Mike tells Paige in his loopy state of being that he was sent to Graceland to investigate Briggs.  I really feel bad for Mike.  Paige has been trying to get him to trust her so he knows he has a friend.  He really could use a true friend, and she knows that.  When he finally decides to tell her what’s been going on she freaks out.  I would freak out too.  I mean… your friend tells you he’s investigating your other friend?  How do you keep that secret?  For Mike’s sake I hope she does.  Or maybe she’ll tell Charlie and then come to the realization that Mike isn’t the only one investigating Briggs.

8.  Juan dresses up as Jangles to try to get Briggs to talk.  And it works.  Briggs admits that he played a part in burning the other house down!  I won’t tell you what happened to Juan after that.  You’ll have to watch the episode.  But I will say that I’m not exactly sad to see him go.

What a whirlwind!  I still think last week was one of my favorite episodes of the season, but a lot of really important revelations were made this week.  This episode has launched us into the next (and last) three of the season where things will really wrap up.  Although, knowing how Jeff Eastin rolls, there will probably be a season finale cliffhanger leaving us with ants in our pants until season two comes around.

What was the most shocking revelation of the evening for you?  Do you want season one to wrap up neatly or would you rather a thrilling cliffhanger?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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