Graceland: The truth is out in ‘Goodbye High’

Gbenga Akinnagbe as Jeremiah Bello and Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs in 'Graceland'

Gbenga Akinnagbe as Jeremiah Bello and Daniel Sunjata as Paul Briggs in ‘Graceland’

I don’t even really know what to say about this week’s episode except for the fact that Mike has been played.  He has been played and he doesn’t even know he has been played.  He thinks his mission of investigating Paul Briggs is coming to an end, and even goes so far as to tell Abby that he’s probably moving back East soon.  I wish he could hear me screaming at him through the TV!  You’re wrong, Mike!  You’re wrong about Briggs!  He’s not only fraternizing with the enemy, he is the enemy.

The start of this week’s episode begins right where last week’s ended.  Mike listens in on Briggs’ Narcotics Anonymous meeting, after which Briggs decides to let Mike in on what happened to him before Graceland.  The story he feeds Mike is that he was taken off of a case and followed through with it anyway.  He wound up in the hands of Jangles, a known murderer (more like slaughterer) who forced him into being a heroin addict, and then set him free.  He’s been trying to stay clean ever since.

WRONG.  I now see that this was part of Briggs’ plan all along.  He knows Mike is investigating him and will go running back to the bureau like the sweet puppy he is and try to get Briggs help.  This will only strengthen his reputation as an agent and Mike will be none-the-wiser.

I loved Dale Jakes’ sub-plot in this episode.  It’s nice that each week we learn a little something extra about each character, and I’ve been missing Jakes the past two weeks.  We learn that Jakes had a family who he gave up for the sake of his job.  That’s so sad, but in a sort of noble way.  Or is it nobler to stay with your family and give up your job?  I think he was trying to protect his son from the life that he lives by leaving.  It seems, though, that his son has a pretty decent new father figure in his life now.  Jakes used his undercover “powers” to meet up with the man his son is growing up to know.  Regretting his decision to leave his family, he advises Mike to stay with Abby if he truly cares about her despite what Paige and Johnny tell him to do.

The other sweet moment of the night is when Mike received a photograph that his grandfather took on the job.  This particular one holds extra sentimental value because he caught his reflection when he took the photo.  Mike now has a piece of his family who he has been separated from right there with him.

It’s so heart wrenching to think that so many families are broken up because their sons, daughters, sister, brothers, husbands, wives leave to do a very important job that they know may never allow them to go home or to be honest with their families ever again.  Which is why it is so annoying that Briggs is up to no good!  He’s completely taking advantage of his housemates who have given up so much and who had his back this whole time.

I wondered though if Charlie is aware of Briggs’ secret.  The real secret.  I didn’t think she was because when she questioned Briggs about the safe house he got angry and wouldn’t tell her.  He also got very nervous when Charlie opened up to the household about using heroin twice on her previous case.  Although, when Mike questioned her about where she got the heroin from the second time, she seemed hesitant and didn’t tell him it was Briggs.  I still didn’t think she knew the extent of his secret, but she did at least want to keep this small one safe.

Mike trusts too much, and Paige doesn’t trust at all.  She steals Abby’s phone after a picture of the pair is snapped so that it won’t get out in the open.  She’s also going to be keeping an eye on Charlie now that she knows about her heroin use.  Maybe Mike needs to take a lesson from Paige and be wary of his surroundings a little more.  I like that he believes that people are inherently good, but in his job it has proven to be a dangerous characteristic.

Now… for the plot twist that I have been skirting around…  Briggs is the dealer Charlie has been after!  All of my previously stated questions about Charlie knowing about Briggs’ real secret were squashed after the end of the episode.  Briggs is the dealer she’s been looking for all along, and the reason she can’t find this person is because he doesn’t actually exist.  He’s just an alter ego that Briggs uses so that he can make his deals.  So a few episodes back when I had the theory that maybe Briggs was working with Bello and not against him was actually pretty accurate!

I’m not so sure that I will be able to patiently await the next episode in the series, which doesn’t air for another two weeks.  I guess that will give me time to let what I just experienced sink in and give me time to come up with some new theories.

What are some of your theories about what Paul Briggs is really up to?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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