Keala Settle, Stephanie J. Block and others prepare to Sleep Out in support of homeless youth

CH NY Candlelight Vigil & Sleepout, 11/15/12

The Covenant House Sleep Out

There are over two million homeless children in the United States and thousands in New York City. Each night, this invisible population is faced with the prospect of sleeping on the streets. Some of our favorite Broadway stars will spend an evening joining the ranks of the homeless in solidarity in August. They will hit the pavement with sleeping bags and sacrifice the comforts of a warm bed and comfortable home.

The charity Covenant House provides shelter, job training and care for homeless kids throughout North America. With over 50,000 youth touched by their efforts last year, Covenant House hosts Solidarity Sleep Outs to raise support and awareness for society’s most vulnerable children. Students, CEOs, young professionals and other caring New Yorkers have participated in the event and slept on the streets so that a child won’t have to. This summer, Sleep Out: Broadway Edition will take to the streets.

Broadway is known for its big-hearted performers, so its no surprise that the likes of Keala Settle and Stephanie J. Block will be sleeping out and advocating for this important cause. Stephanie is lending her time “because I know how blessed I am and how much I have been blessed by the kids at Covenant House. I am committed to helping these kids reach their bright futures.” Keala is giving up the comforts of home for a night “because no human should be without a place to sleep or shelter of any kind.” They will be joined by Sebastian Arcelus, Neil Berg, Frank Wildhorn, Capathia Jenkins and countless others who will lend their voices for those who don’t have one.

The theatre community’s trademark compassion is contagious, and so many talented actors coming together for the sake of helping others is nothing short of inspiring. The event takes place on August 19, so there is still plenty of time to donate to the cause and sponsor your favorite performer. If you can’t support financially, the best thing to do is spread the word! Greater awareness equates to greater relief for those in need.

Support Keala Settle, Stephanie J. Block or any other of your favorite charitable stars here. An issue as big as widespread homelessness can seem daunting, but each of us have the incredible power to use our voices to speak on behalf of those who don’t have one.

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