Killian Donnelly’s arse becomes an Internet sensation

Killian Donnelly is best known for his roles in "Les Miserables" and "Billy Elliot".

Killian Donnelly is best known for his roles in “Les Miserables” and “Billy Elliot”.

Killian Donnelly’s ass has become an Internet sensation.

What started as a comment about being privy to seeing Donnelly’s ass, or more recognized by the British slang “arse”, in the Victoria Palace Theatre production of Billy Elliot resulted in an extensive conversation among Donnelly’s fans on Twitter about the actor’s backside on Tuesday evening.

The first tweet acknowledged by Donnelly on the subject was tweeted by a fan who was front row for Billy Elliot and said claimed she “had a cracking view of @killiandonnelly’s arse through act one.”

Describing herself as a “winner”, presumably for having such a view, many of Donnelly’s other fans quickly began expressing their interest in the actor’s rear and one even created a Twitter fan page.

“I’ve gained almost 200 followers in just a few hours,” said the anonymous tweeter behind the account @KilliansArse. “People love Killian’s arse.”

Even Donnelly himself made a reference to the account, stating that “it always has” after he saw that the account dedicated to his arse was following him on Twitter.

Claiming pride in representing “the second most beautiful thing on Killian’s body”, second only to Donnelly’s face, the anonymous tweeter said she plans to keep the account active although the trending topic #KillersArse has fizzled since Tuesday night’s meltdown.

However, despite the fanfare over Donnelly’s body, perhaps the most enjoyable and humorous tweet on the subject came from Donnelly’s sister Eimear Donnelly.

#KillersArse is not cool!!,” she wrote on Twitter. “It is fat, ugly and used to sit on me and fart!!! #traumatised”

But for those who still claim that there’s something special about Donnelly’s backside, West End actor Scott Garnham promised a special treat for those who attend his cabaret at The Pheasantry on April 21.

“If you, like me, love @KillianDonnelly’s arse,” Garnham wrote. “Be sure to come to my cabaret…where he’s promised to let anyone pinch it.”

Even with acclaimed actor Ramin Karimloo in last night’s audience, little was mentioned in light of the buzz surrounding Donnelly’s arse.

Whether you have enjoyed the view from B24, are rushing to purchase some cabaret tickets, or just enjoy discussing it from afar, it seems that Donnelly might be bootylicious enough to give Beyoncé a run for her money.

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  1. You actually did it! I was telling my friends about the tumblr question about whether or not you were going to write this, and then I saw the link to this! This is brilliant!

    • I kept asking on Tumblr with hopes that people wouldn’t want the story but… you guys asked for it so I delivered!

  2. Hi – that’s David Thaxton as Enjolras. Not Killian Donnelly…

    • Thanks for letting me know, I’ll remove it! I assumed it was Killian because it’s the Killian’s Arse Twitter default photo. Sorry!

      • 😉 Yeah, I’m not sure how to contact them (maybe you can let them know?), it’s amusing but slightly awkward.