‘Magic To Do!’: Top 5 gender-swapped roles Patina Miller could take on

Patina Miller

Patina Miller

Anyone who sees a show featuring Patina Miller is in for a treat.

It doesn’t matter the size of the role; Patina always steals the show with her breathtaking portrayals and complete command of the stage. Time after time she has delivered magnificent performances, and unless you’ve been hiding in your own corner of the sky (get it?), you’ll know that she recently took home her first Tony Award for her brilliant turn as Leading Player in Pippin! Combining her poise, showmanship, athleticism, energy, and even sprinkling some wrath into act two, Patina has made the role her own in this stunning revival.

The character of Leading Player was originated by Ben Vereen, who also took home a Tony for his “exciting, mystic and exotic” performance. After community theaters and regional productions put on this musical with women in this juicy role (sometimes two actors would play Leading Player at the same time!) for years, it was finally brought to the Great White Way with the same twist.

It’s always exciting to see gender-bent characters on Broadway…especially if Patina Miller is involved! This woman can hula hoop, walk, and sing at the same time. Is there anything she can’t do? Following her eventual departure from Pippin, there are a few more roles originally played by male actors that she could take on with ease….

  1. Inspector Javert in Les Miserables  It’s a crime that Patina hasn’t taken on “Stars” or “Javert’s Suicide” at Miscast yet. Along with the fierceness and passion she would bring to those songs, Patina could definitely play a cold and menacing Javert while keeping the audience on her side. She has always done incredibly well at making the audience root for her (she proved this during Sister Act) and let’s be honest: “The Confrontation” would be outstanding. This is the kind of role that could truly showcase Patina’s acting strengths, as well as her unwavering drive as a performer!
  2. Black Stache in Peter and the Starcatcher – We already know that Patina has perfect comedic timing and playing devious characters is something that comes easily to her so it’s a natural fit to dream cast her in this magical music-filled play set in a faraway place. Patina would own the stage and ham it up as this facial hair-sporting villain (originally played by Christian Borle) and I’d love to see how she would pull off the famous scene where Black Stache’s hand is chopped off. Hope to see you at New World Stages, Patina!
  3. The Emcee in Cabaret – There have been plenty of gender-bent Emcees so why not add Patina to the list? Her take on “Money” would be driven and intense, and her own added quirks and ability to act as a ringleader would be essential to this role. She would surely strut her stuff and lead the raunchy ensemble of the Kit Kat Klub, perhaps even providing a few new twists of her own!
  4. Gabe in Next to Normal – Patina definitely has the vocal chops and the physicality to play the part of this elusive and rather tormenting young man. She could swing from the elevated poles and sprint down those huge flights of stairs without a problem, and imagine all of the riffs and runs she could turn out in “I’m Alive”!
  5. A Chorus Line A glimmering, golden marquee reads: “Patina Miller is A Chorus Line.” That’s right: the entire chorus line. All of the characters, male and female. Picture Patina in a three-part harmony with herself in “At the Ballet”, delivering all of the monologues of every (vastly different) character, and then doing a one-woman kick line in the finale. Talk about re-imagined revivals! She could totally pull this one off…right?

No matter which character she’s playing, Patina effortlessly provokes endless laughs and cheers from her audience, and maybe a few tears as well. She is incredibly and unceasingly talented and could perform in any of these roles and so many more!

Who would you dream cast as a gender-swapped Valjean and Sally Bowles alongside Patina? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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