Megan Hilty’s ‘No Cure’ single is a good sign for the Smash star’s debut album

Megan Hilty's debut album "It Happens All The Time" will be released on March 12.

Megan Hilty’s debut album “It Happens All The Time” will be released on March 12.

Just one day before the Season Two premiere, Smash star Megan Hilty released her first single from her upcoming debut album, It Happens All the Time, on February 4. The song, titled “No Cure,” is currently streaming on Hilty’s website.

Produced by Grammy-winners Andy Zulla and Jimmy Hogarth, It Happens All the Time drops on March 12. The album features a mix of cover songs as well as new tunes written for Hilty by songwriters like country star Carrie Underwood.

“No Cure” is a soft pop song about feeling “sick” after her lover left her. There is minimal accompaniment (mostly a pop beat in the drums and a repeated guitar riff) to Hilty’s vocals.

Before I listened to the song, I was expecting to hear a musical theater ballad. But when I did listen to it, I was pleasantly surprised.

“No Cure” is definitely not a typical Hilty song. It isn’t jazzy and it is definitely not a show tune. There is no Smash-like “Bombshell” belting or Wicked high notes, which Hilty showcased when she played Glinda from 2005 to 2006, to be found.

Rather, the song fits perfectly in the middle of her range, giving “No Cure” a more relaxed, easy-listening sound.

While she isn’t belting out the lyrics, there is obvious emotion in the ballad.

You can feel the melancholy emotion in Hilty’s voice as she sings. The song showcases a different side of Hilty’s talent as well. She isn’t playing a character in a show when she sings this song. “No Cure” proves that Hilty is more than a musical theatre performer, it proves she can sing pop tunes just as well as (and perhaps, even better than) other popular singers.

Hilty’s new album will give her fans a taste of new music outside of her traditional realm. It will also introduce new listeners to her music because she covers songs by Christian rock group Switchfoot and pop singer/pianist Sara Bareilles on the album as well. Plus, fans get an entire album dedicated to showcasing Megan Hilty’s wonderful voice! How great is that?!

Listening to “No Cure” made me much more excited to hear the rest of It Happens All the Time because if the rest sounds anything like “No Cure,” it’s sure to be a great debut!

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