Megan Hilty’s single ‘Be A Man’ from her debut album is released

Megan Hilty

Megan Hilty

Smash star Megan Hilty has released another song from her upcoming debut album, It Happens All the Time. The song, titled “Be A Man,” is available to listen to on
The song is, according to Hilty’s Twitter, her “favorite song off the album.”
“Be A Man” is a ballad in which Hilty tells her lover to leave if he’s no longer in love with her. A single guitar, a piano, and a cello accompany her voice.
This song, unlike Hilty’s first single, “No Cure,” sounds more like the musical theatre songs her fans are used to hearing her sing. There is quite a bit of belting in the chorus during the almost-shouting lyrics “Just be a man about it/Don’t try to dance around it.”
It is easy to hear the angry emotion fueling the song especially in the chorus.
“There has to be a point to what I’m singing, instead of it just being a pretty sound,” Hilty told about integrating her theatrical background into her music. This is brilliantly displayed in “Be A Man,” a breakup song that will be released only a year after Hilty’s breakup with longtime boyfriend Steve Kazee, current star of Broadway’s Once.
“Be A Man,” while still easy listening like “No Cure,” perfectly shows off Hilty’s range. The belted high notes sound as wonderful as the near-growling low notes.
As usual, upon listening to the song, I was blown away by Hilty’s vocals. There is completely raw anger and sadness in the song, something that I wasn’t expecting from the generally happy singer.
Produced by Grammy-winners Andy Zulla and Jimmy Hogarth, It Happens All the Time drops on March 12. It will feature original songs like “Be A Man” and “No Cure” as well as covers from pop performers including Switchfoot and Sara Bareilles.



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