Melody Monday: Broadway actors Jesse Swenson and Gerard Canonico collaborate to create new pop/rock band Prince Hal


Prince Hal might not be a familiar name but it will be soon.

Prince Hal is an alternative pop/rock band led by two Broadway stars who have proven on stage that they have the vocal talent to transition from performing in musicals to concert halls.

Jesse Swenson, best known for his role as Lucas Beineke in The Addams Family, provides lead vocals and plays  guitar. Swenson was also an ensemble member of Spring Awakening. Swenson has a versatile voice that sounds great singing everything from pop and rock to soul. The essence of Swenson’s vocal styling cannot be pinned down to one genre which will likely help Prince Hal transition between many genres.

Broadway actor Gerard Canonico will play drums and provide backup vocals. He was most recently seen in the off-Broadway production of Bare. He was previously featured in the rock musical American Idiot as an ensemble member and the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening as an ensemble member and Moritz Stiefel in the final six months of the production. 

Canonico has played in two other well-known bands, the rock trio “The Right Now Freakouts” with Tony Award winner John Gallagher Jr. (Spring Awakening) and Michael Ester (American Idiot) and Canonico performs with the band Fran Sancisco when they are in New York.

The band also features some undiscovered talent as well including Alex Weston on keyboard, Zach Falkow on bass and Sam Karasik on guitar.

Although Prince Hal has yet to release a single, they will be performing their first concert at The Living Room on March 10.

The concert, hosted at 9 p.m., is free to the public and will be a guaranteed good time for music lovers or those looking to check out the next big thing. The night promises incredible musical talent and upbeat fun, perfect for brightening up any Sunday night.

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