Melody Monday: Fans still cheer for ‘Bring It On’

bring it on

Bring It On was a musical that had everything going against it. The show should have been a flop. It is very atypical to the Broadway scene with its use of cheerleading as its primary form of choreography which is a very different skill set for most performers.

But it worked.

The musical, for the short time that it ran, was a success.

Bring It On premiered in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011, before touring the country from November through December of that same year. The musical opened on Broadway at the St. James on Aug. 1, 2012 and ran until Dec. 30, 2012. It played 173 regular performances.

The show was loosely based off of the 2000 film of the same name and focused on the cheerleading world, specifically high school cheer competition and rivalries.

The A-Team of Tony winners Lin Manuel-Miranda (In the Heights) and Tom Kitt (Next to Normal) and Amanda Green (High Fidelity) collaborated for the score.

The music is fun and upbeat. It mirrors the upbeat music that plays on the radio but in the best way possible. It is the perfect mix of Broadway show tunes meets contemporary dance music.

Kitt and Miranda’s personal styles are very much apparent throughout the entire score.

Miranda’s style of rap appears many times throughout the soundtrack and while there is no Latin flare to this particular music, unlike In The Heights, the rap tracks are catchy and fun.

The infectious music of Tom Kitt also follows the same pattern from Next to Normal and the 2012 film Pitch Perfect. This music is less emotionally powerful than Next to Normal and carries the same fun pop-rock flare as Pitch Perfect.

While Bring It On is no longer on the Broadway stage, its fandom lives on and the pop soundtrack will continue to influence the younger Broadway generation.

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