Samantha, founder of Stage Door Dish, is seeking a personal assistant!

As Stage Door Dish continues to grow, and my personal life continues to become increasingly busier and more complicated, it has reached the point where I need a personal assistant to help me through the day. The job will include scheduling meetings and working with personnel but it will also give you exposure to some high-profile personalities, access into events and you will be the go-to guy or gal assisting with the inner-workings and important day to day operations for the site.

If you were ever curious about what really goes on at Stage Door Dish, or if you’re hoping to build your administrative and organizational skills, this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Ideally my assistant will live in the greater Boston area so we can meet in-person from time to time and attend concerts, theatre and events together but that will not make or break it if a great candidate lives elsewhere.

If you have interest in applying, please fill out the following information and send it to


Age: (Must be 18+)

Location: (You do not need to live in the Boston area but it is preferred)

How many hours per week can you commit:

How do you handle confidential information (including phone numbers, emails, messages, etc.):

What is your organizational style; can you multi-task:

How do you react to meeting celebrities:

A statement of interest answering the following questions: What unique skills do you possess that separates you from others, why are you a great candidate for this position, what is your personality like, what is your biggest weakness, are you comfortable working with personnel matters, why are you interested in this position?

Please include a resume and a writing sample of your choosing.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

About Samantha S.

"I found the theatre and I found my home.” ― Audra McDonald
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3 Responses

  1. Thank you.

  2. When is the application deadline?

    • There isn’t a set one but it’d be best to get it done by the end of this week or the early part of next.