School’s in Session!: Dream Casting for a Broadway production of ‘School of Rock’

The film cast of "School of Rock."

The film cast of “School of Rock.”

Famed musical theatre composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has acquired the rights to School of Rock, the quirky 2003 Jack Black flick about a former rock star who becomes a substitute teacher and the talented group of kids who inspire him.

There is no denying that School of Rock has all the makings of a fantastic musical. The film is chock-full of over-the-top characters, catchy tunes, (“Math is a wonderful thing,” anybody?) and features an offbeat, rousing message. Not to mention the fact that it features a small but fun appearance by Rent’s original Roger, the very handsome Adam Pascal.

Alas, as Webber already has another project currently in the works, it may be a while before we see much from the School of Rock-sical.  Of course, this only means one thing: fans will have plenty of time to speculate, re-watch the movie, and pick out the perfect studded leather jacket to wear to opening night.

To get your juices flowing, here’s my dream-cast:

Dewey Finn

Mitchell Jarvis as Dewey Finn – It is in no way going to be easy to duplicate Jack Black’s portrayal of wacky, washed up rocker Dewey Finn. But, if anyone can do it, it’s Mitchell Jarvis. His previous experience as the mulleted, flamboyant, glam-rock-god narrator in Rock of Ages seems to be the perfect preparation. He’s also proven himself to be unconventionally hilarious in the web-series Billy Green and It Could Be Worse.

Summer Hathaway

Alice Lee as Summer Hathaway – Lee’s Lee’s portrayal of Diane in Bare The Musical this past winter quickly became a fan favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. She brought a spunky, hilarious sweetness to the role – and those are precisely the qualities that would serve her well as the over-achieving, ambitious know-it-all, Summer in School of Rock.

Zack Mooneyham

Ben Fankhauser  as Zack Mooneyham – Along with enormous talent, Newsies’ Ben Fankhauser has enough adorable youthful energy to go around – making him very fitting for School of Rock’s shy, sweet superstar-in-the-making, Zack.

Ned Schneebly

Alex Wyse as Ned Schneebly – Alex Wyse’s innate ability to play ultra-dorky characters in the most endearing way imaginable makes him an ideal candidate for the character of Ned, a former rocker who has reluctantly decided to quit the music biz and make a more substantial living as a teacher, at the insistence of his over-bearing girlfriend Patty.

Patty Di Marco

Jenn Damiano as Patty Di Marco – There are lots of reasons why everyone loves Jenn Damiano, and one of them is that her acting ability is such that she can very easily take a seemingly difficult, annoying character (like School of Rock’s pushy, judgmental Patty) and bring a grounded-ness and humanity to them, making them an absolute joy to watch.

Principal Roz Mullins

Alice Ripley as Principal Roz Mullins – We all know how talented and wonderfully kooky Alice Ripley is. No doubt, she would be effortlessly lovable as uptight but well-meaning school principal Roz. Really, can’t you just picture Alice Ripley jumping around onstage, singing a faux-drunken rendition of a Stevie Nicks song? I think it’s safe to say that any Broadway fan would pay good money to see that!

Who would you love to see in a School of Rock musical? Tell us in the comments!


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