Seeking assistant editors, a web designer and a savvy social media manager

Looking for an opportunity to join the Stage Door Dish team? You’re in luck, there are a few positions we are eager to fill!

Assistant Editors

Assistant editors are a new yet extremely necessary aspect of the continual success and growth of Stage Door Dish. Assistant editors will work between interns, staff writers, and the editorial team, to edit stories for content and structure before they will be considered pending or ready for publishing on the site.

Assistant editors will also be considered part of the managing staff and will have opportunities to attend events, conduct interviews and contribute original content if desired. If an editor is only interested in carefully reviewing original work created by other members of the staff, we would welcome that as well.

Social Media Manager

As Stage Door Dish continues to grow, we will need someone to help us manage our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages and spread the word about the articles and content featured on the site. The Social Media Manager would be trusted to create interesting and exciting posts that encourage our readership to stay engaged and connected with the site. Polls, featured questions, posting article links and other tasks will be included in this position.

Web Developer 

Are you savvy with HTML, coding, web design and e-publishing? If so, this might be a fun opportunity for you to test your problem-solving skills and work with Stage Door Dish to make sure the site is operating efficiently and effectively. The Web Designer would not be needed on a daily basis but would be primarily on-call for technical support questions unless there is a specific project or task that needs assistance.

If you have interest in applying, please fill out the following information and send it to


Position you’re interested in:

Age: (Must be 18+)


How many hours per week can you commit:

How do you handle confidential information (including phone numbers, emails, messages, etc.):

How do you react to meeting celebrities:

A statement of interest answering the following questions: Why do you want to work for, what unique skills do you possess that could benefit the site, why are you a great candidate for this position, where do you see the future of StageDoorDish going and what is your ideal role in its future?

Please include a resume and a writing sample of your choosing.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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