‘Smash’: ‘Bombshell’s ‘Opening Night’ pulls Ivy out of her shell while a split between Tom and Julia looms on the horizon

Ivy in "Opening Night."

Ivy in “Opening Night.”

Another op’nin, another show!

It’s opening night for Bombshell on this week’s episode of Smash. Amidst the mixed reviews, tensions flare between the show’s couples. There are hookups and breakups as Bombshell finally reaches its destination and sets its eyes on the prize – the upcoming Tony Awards.

As the curtain rises on their latest show, Tom and Julia begin to toss around ideas for their next project. Julia suggests Lord of the Flies, or even better, The Very Hungry Caterpillar: the Musical, both of which Tom quickly shoots down,

As if on cue, Julia’s son, Leo, finally becomes useful in the plot of Smash, suggesting that Tom and Julia do a musical version of their favorite book, The Great Gatsby. As an opening night gift, Julia presents a copy to him and tells him that rights are being secured for them.

The problem is that if all goes well with Bombshell, Tom has another directing gig working on a revival of City of Angels. Just like Bombshell came second to Hit List for Julia over the past few episodes, Julia is coming in second to Tom’s career. After Tom’s less-than-desirable reviews come in, he quickly jumps back to the Gatsby idea with Julia. However, after Julia is praised in the reviews for being a playwright, Scott asks her to write a play with him to premiere at the Manhattan Theatre Workshop in the fall. To cope with their breakup, Tom hooks up with Jimmy’s writing partner, Kyle, as Julia goes off with Scott.

It looks like this may be the end of the dynamic Houston-Levitt duo.

Amidst the drama, Ivy breaks out of her shell as the “career chorus girl” on Bombshell’s opening night. She reads reviews of her performance online and grows nervous. For support, Derek tells her that she should forget the reviews; “put yourself out there and let go.”

And let go, she certainly does! As she sings Karen’s signature closing number “Don’t Forget Me” with all the resilience in the world, she stares down a vision of her mother and finally comes into her own as a star. She’s broken out of the ensemble and created a new identity for herself as a star, not unlike Marilyn herself.

The audience is also treated to a special post-opening night performance by Ivy and Karen. After they tell one another about how inspired they are by each other’s post-Boston success, they sing the Sinatra classic “That’s Life” and change the lyrics to create special shout-outs to each other and producer Eileen.

Of course, with Scott planning to bring Hit List to Broadway this season, their duet may be the last sign of friendship between Karen and Ivy. If Hit List comes to Broadway, it will be competing with Bombshell for Tony Awards, which Eileen is bound and determined to win.

Ivy and Karen may have come far this season, but it looks like they may end up right where they started – competing for one place in Broadway history.

Is this the end of Houston and Levitt? Will Hit List reach Broadway? And who will take that “Best Leading Actress in a Musical” Tony? Let me know what your predictions are in the comments!

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  1. If Ivy doesn’t win Best Leading Actress in a Musical, I will cut someone down. If you didn’t cry at Megan’s performance of Don’t Forget Me, you’re heartless. That being said, Ana should get Best Supporting, I think she’s great. Honestly Hit List can get whatever as long as Ivy nabs her rightful title.