‘Smash’: Ivy sabotages ‘Liaisons’ and Karen exits ‘Bombshell’ in ‘Musical Chairs’

Tom and Ivy in "Musical Chairs."

Tom and Ivy in “Musical Chairs.”

It looks like everything may finally be going right for the characters on Smash.

The revival of Liaisons opens to terrible reviews so Ivy and Terry make a suicide pact to let the show go down in a “blaze of glory.” Terry  is finally given a chance to show off his comedic skills in an awkward musical number (which includes him riding a fake lamb like a horse, wrapping himself around some lovely maidens and other uncomfortable images I wish I could erase from my memory) that ends with him asking, “Is it over yet?”

The next day it’s announced that Terry is leaving the show and yes, it is over. Liaisons,  following the debacle, gets scheduled to close the following Sunday.

Back in Bombshell rehearsals, Tom is struggling with his new directing position. Tensions are running high between him and Karen because, as Tom points out, it’s like they’re speaking two different languages. Karen fights to keep Derek’s vision in the show and constantly reminds Tom that his way “isn’t the way Derek would do it.”

In an effort to salvage their relationship, Tom apologizes to Karen and takes her as his date to the disastrous opening night of Liaisons. At the stage door, Tom talks to Ivy about the show while Karen watches on. And after their conversation is over, Karen finally tells Tom what’s been on her mind during rehearsals. She’s not his Marilyn.

Team Ivy fans, rejoice, because Karen is finally leaving Bombshell. With Liaisons’ premature closing, Ivy will be available to play the role she’s been fighting for since season one.

Ivy will finally be Marilyn.

This means that Karen will be available to perform in Jimmy and Kyle’s show Hit List, which still looks like it may need a bit more work. Scott (guest star Jesse L. Martin), who works for the fictional Manhattan Theater Workshop, tells Jimmy and Kyle that he can’t offer their show a space in the Workshop because the message of the musical isn’t clear.

After quite a bit of sass and rude comments, Jimmy and Derek finally agree on a creative vision for Hit List, and Jimmy writes a fantastic new opening number, “Rewrite This Story.” The show is back on track to open at the Workshop.

And, after some back-and-forth with producer Jerry, Derek decides to let go of Bombshell (signing the rights to the choreography over to Tom) and focus on Hit List…and Karen. Derek warns Jimmy to back off of Karen and to let him focus on catering to her. He’s a bit possessive of her, as if their “muse” relationship wasn’t already creepy.

With some help from her daughter Katie (guest star Grace Gummer), Eileen finds a way to reclaim Bombshell for herself. She confronts Jerry about his involvement with Ellis and gets him to relinquish his rights as a producer on the show. Bombshell is finally back in the hands of its original team—Julia, Tom and Eileen.

Is the Karen/Ivy drama finally over? Will Bombshell finally get to Broadway? Let us know what you think in comments!

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4 Responses

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  2. I get why the writers went in the direction they did, namely creating a new Karen to defect to. They were trying to appease Team Ivy fans who claimed that Ivy was the better Marilyn. I would have actually been okay with this strategy, if not for one MAJOR problem. That problem’s name is JIMMY. I HATE HIM SO MUCH and I’ve come to hate Karen for being so besotted with him and putting up with his shit. I don’t think Derek and Karen’s relationship is creepy, it was my favorite part of S1 after the songs and continues to be my favorite part of S2. I didn’t love Derek’s HANDs OFF threats to Jimmy this episode though, it was bullying and beneath him. Its like the writers are trying to make me root for Jimmy/Karen which *vomit* isn’t happening. Oh well here’s to hoping for a Cartwills finale any way.

  3. I’m so sad because this show could be so good. The new dialogue for the show is just not what it should be and it’s definitely not up to par with last season which is so unfortunate because the music for both shows, Hit List and Bombshell, is so incredible. But being Team Ivy, I’m definitely happy that Ivy is back as Marilyn where she belongs. I hope that they manage to pull Hit List together, but I’m still voting for more Krysta (Rodriguez) in Hit List and definitely more of Andy (Mientus), because honestly there is only so much Jimmy angst that I can take.

    But there is so much going on, that I’m not sure I care about half of the storylines.

  4. Seriously, the muse thing is NOT creepy — it’s just unfamiliar to you. But the whole Jimmy/Karen/Hitlist concept is a dud, and there is no way on god’s green earth that Karen and Derrick would walk away from Bombshell so easily.

    Not until the writers and new director botched up this season so thoroughly that the show is destined for cancellation. Too bad. Promising beginning, great voices, and now an utter mess.