‘Smash’: Jennifer Hudson shows off star quality in ‘The Song’

Jennifer Hudson as Veronica Moore in "The Song."

Jennifer Hudson as Veronica Moore in “The Song.”

When we last saw Ellis, Tom’s former assistant turned backstabbing sabotaging jerk, he was begging producer Eileen Rand for a chance to work on Bombshell.

Eileen outright refused Ellis’s demand and he replies, “You haven’t seen the last of me.”

And sure enough, Ellis is back and he’s worse than ever before. He’s in cahoots with Eileen’s scheming ex-husband and former co-producer, Jerry, who’s wanted in on Bombshell since its run in Boston.

So, as we learn tonight, Ellis supplied Jerry with information about the illegal sources that were financing Bombshell. At the closing of the episode, Jerry is on the phone with Ellis and warns him not to contact him again.

Whether he actually will or not remains to be seen. But I have my suspicions that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Ellis.

We might not have seen the loathed season one character, he was too annoying to be a love-to-hate character and not entertaining enough to just be loved, but even the mention of his name is enough to turn any Smash fan’s stomach.

Please keep Ellis far, far away from this season.

On a positive note, Jennifer Hudson’s character Veronica Moore was hosting a one-night-only concert which meant lots of singing from the Oscar-winning actress. Sheryl Lee Ralph, who starred with her in Dreamgirls, makes a cameo playing Veronica’s manager-slash-mother.

Derek’s decided he needs something new and fresh for the concert, but what? Tom and Julia’s trunk songs won’t work, so Karen meddles and calls up her new best friends, Jimmy and Kyle.

Initially, their tune, “I Can’t Let Go,” is rejected. Jimmy runs away from the concert and disappears just long enough to give Kyle time for his very own pop karaoke number, Billy Joel’s “Everybody Loves You Now.” The song instantly becomes a highlight, both because Kyle is one of the most likeable characters this season and Andy Mientus is a great singer, but it loses its impact when the camera transitions from Kyle over to Veronica, who finishes the song while warming up on the concert’s stage.

Later, Jimmy comes back and kisses Karen. And frankly, it’s quite annoying how much of Jimmy’s role in the show depends on Karen. She always has to involve him in everything she does. Co-dependent much?

After listening to “I Can’t Let Go,” Tom decides that Jimmy is “the real deal,” which somehow convinces Derek to throws the song into the show. Veronica brings the house down and gets a standing ovation and Jimmy and Kyle take the final bow with her on stage.

After the Bombshell team finds out that the show can officially go back into rehearsals. They’re finally headed to Broadway but with Jerry taking over as producer.

It appears that everything might finally be going right for the Bombshell team. For now, at least.

Will Ellis make another unwelcome appearance on the show? Are Jimmy and Kyle on their way to stardom? Let us know in comments!

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