‘Smash’ moves to Saturday night, fate of ‘The New Normal’ in limbo


Fans of the NBC musical drama Smash will have to clear their schedule for Saturday nights until the end of the season to catch new episodes.

Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that after struggling to find an audience, Smash has been relegated to the Saturday 9pm slot starting April 6. The show’s ratings have steadily declined from last season’s numbers (except for a slight increase after Tuesday’s episode, “The Fringe”) with an average of just 3.3 million viewers.

With its move to NBC’s lowest rated timeslot, Smash is not likely to return for a third season next winter. After a first season with inconsistent plotlines, ratings reached an all-time low for this season’s premiere. And, with a lack of focus throughout this season’s early episodes, it appears that fans may have gotten frustrated with Smash and dropped the show from their viewing schedule.

Smash is television’s first musical drama to focus on a musical’s journey from workshops to Broadway. The show’s stars include Broadway vets Christian Borle, Megan Hilty, and Jeremy Jordan, to name a few. Perhaps the show’s cancellation could mean a return to the Great White Way for these actors.

It has also been rumored that NBC’s Tuesday comedy The New Normal (starring Broadway vet Andrew Rannells) will not return for a second season next fall. Guest star Jackie Hoffman, who plays David’s (Justin Bartha) mother, tweeted yesterday that she had just finished filming a “series finale.”

Hollywood Reporter also stated yesterday that producers of The New Normal had said that the season finale had been written as a potential series finale. Ratings for this season have continued to decline.

The New Normal will continue to air on Tuesdays at 9:30pm. Its hour-long season (and possible series) finale will air on April 2.

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4 Responses

  1. There is so much to love about the show (the actors, the songs, the behind-the-scences insights about how hard it is be just okay and how arbitrary success can be). But it has been frustrating to watch so much forced conflict and so many story lines this season. Each minute of the show has been filled with a new conflict and set up. There was no air for the actors to breath or connect with the audience. The show has begun to find a better footing. But the show has tried the patience of its audience and has lost them. It is a shame. None of these comments are intended to diminish the staggering talent of most of the actors. Those of us that have hung in there can count amount our rewards the cinematic magic of Katherine McPhee and the sonic alchemy of Megan Hilty. Oh ya, and there was the unwrapped gift of Bernadette….

  2. I guess it just goes to show that even if you take a group of some of the most talented stars of the stage and screen and put them in a show together, sometimes it just doesn’t work. I personally feel that the writing this season is more hodge-podge than last season’s. We fell into the groove of watching Karen and Ivy duke it out on stage and off, but now we are being led in too many directions: Karen trying to decide whether she will stick with Bombshell or go to Hit List, Derek directing a new show, Ivy starring in a new show with a lunatic actor that is supposed to be “famous” (which just doesn’t make sense), and Jeremy Jordan playing a mostly unlikable character. Yes, all of the “new” things that are being thrown in (like filming more scenes outdoors and getting peeks at the performers’ lives outside of rehearsals), but there is SO MUCH negative energy permeating the show at the moment that it has taken a step back from “fun” and is perhaps getting a bit too dramatic. I would be upset if it wasn’t renewed for a third season but not completely surprised.

    • On the contrary, I found most of last season far too dramatic and this season more focused on the shows-within-the-show and less on the personal drama … which is what I more or less disliked about season 1.

  3. I’m actually kind of annoyed, but not at all surprised, by the switch for Smash. At least we’re getting to see the entire season. It’s just unfortunate though, because the last couple of episodes have made me think the show has finally found its footing. Too little, too late I suppose..