‘Smash’ moves to Sunday night for two-hour series finale

Christian Borle as Tom and Megan Hilty as Ivy in 'Musical Chairs.'

Christian Borle as Tom and Megan Hilty as Ivy in ‘Musical Chairs.’

Smash will go out with a bang when the series finale airs on May 26.

NBC has decided to move the low-rated musical drama to Sunday nights for its two-hour series finale. In the past, the Sunday evening time slot has been one of NBC’s most popular. The move for Smash might be NBC’s way of giving the show a larger send-off, as the episode has been rumored to be the last in the series. Smash had one of its lowest ratings with last Saturday’s episode “Opening Night.”

However, Smash’s move may not boost the ratings.

NBC has spent most of the season changing Smash’s time slot (with a move from Tuesdays to Saturdays), and moving it again will no doubt hurt the ratings even more. It’s clear by the consistently low ratings for the past few weeks that Smash’s once large audience has given up on the show which is a shame. Under the direction of showrunner Josh Safran, season two of Smash actually has a clear focus with believable characters and storylines. Believe it or not, the show has gotten better—just as the audience stopped watching.

The finale episode, titled “The Tonys,” will be focused on Bombshell and Hit List’s big wins (or losses) at the Tony Awards. During last week’s episode, Eileen revealed that she wants Bombshell to sweep the Tonys after a less-than-desirable review from the New York Times. However, Bombshell may have some competition on the Great White Way this season—Hit List producer Scott is planning to move the show to Broadway after it finishes its sold-out run at the Manhattan Theatre Workshop.

Showrunner Josh Safran said “The Tonys” will tie up many of this season’s loose ends and also open up new storylines for what would have been season three of Smash. “Someone is pregnant! Someone is arrested! There is a kiss between a gay man and a straight man—who kisses back!” Safran revealed to TVLine.com. The episode will also feature a group number by the entire principal cast. (Maybe a reprise of the series’ most famous number, “Let Me Be Your Star”?)

“The Tonys” will air from 9-11pm on Sunday, May 26.

Are you excited for the season finale of Smash? Who will take home the most Tony Awards—Bombshell or Hit List? Let us know in comments!

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5 Responses

  1. Series finale?! :'(

    I’m actually so upset. I really hope this is just the season finale, not series. Smash is my favourite show. It has the perfect cast, songs, story lines… It makes me so sad that not enough people watch it.

    Please don’t let it be canceled.

  2. This show is too good to be cancelled!!

  3. You watch: Ivy and Karen will both lose to Veronica Moore in “The Wiz”. Okay, just kidding, but something like that. :)

    • Chris, I wouldn’t be surprised! Josh Safran seems to love throwing in plot twists this season. (Who knows–maybe Ivy will be nominated for Liaisons, not Bombshell, just to throw us off!)

      • Or Ana will get the nom for Hit List. Or Ivy will get FEATURED for Liaisons. I just love that I get to have TWO Tony Awards parties this year!! :)