‘Smash’: Nothing goes quite as planned for Ivy or the cast of ‘Hit List’ in ‘The Transfer’

Tom and Julia in "The Transfer."

Tom and Julia in “The Transfer.”

As the nominations for the Tony Awards grow closer, the teams of Bombshell and Hit List are hard at work trying to secure their place in theatre history. However, a few unexpected twists might shake up the nominations for both teams.

To demonstrate Tom’s directing abilities for the Tony voters, Eileen decides to host a Houston/Levitt revue at the Oak Room. They’re turning the Oak Room into a Vegas strip club, filled with famous guests like Lindsay Mendez, Norbert Leo Butz and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Tom will be the emcee while Ivy plays the “depressed, alcoholic stripper” Coco.

Ivy is uncomfortable playing Coco at first, as she feels that it will tarnish her reputation. But, after a pep talk about “being yourself” from Eileen, she goes on stage and owns the number “Grin and Bear It.” She flirts with several audience members as she and her back-up dancers do a strip tease, and the crowd goes wild.

At the end of the show, Julia finally arrives from her work at Hit List to sing a final number with Tom. They sing “The Right Regrets,” a song they wrote for Arthur Miller in Bombshell.  Throughout the song, flashbacks to moments from seasons one and two are shown, chronicling the friendship of Julia and Tom. Though they may have broken up, the number is a tender moment between them and ends with an onstage hug.

Meanwhile, Hit List has finally made it to Broadway, but things aren’t going as well as planned. Ana is having trouble remembering her blocking, so Derek decides to pull her out of the show for a night and put in her understudy, Daisy. Ana is upset about leaving the show for a night and decides to have her agent research Daisy’s past. It turns out that she was one of the six dancers who pressed sexual harassment charges on Derek earlier this season.

When Karen and Ana confront Derek with this information, he reveals that he slept with Daisy multiple times after meeting up with her at Bombshell’s opening. He tells them that she filmed their sexual escapades and that his hands are now tied.

The tension between Karen and Daisy comes to a head during their on-stage duet, “I’m Not Sorry.” As Amanda and the Diva, they fight for ownership of the stage, throwing choreographed punches at one another. During the scene following the song, a nod to one of Kyle’s original ideas is incorporated into the show – fake tweets about the song light up the proscenium as the audience receives mysterious texts about the performance.

After the show, the Hit List team goes to a bar and Derek tells Ana that Daisy’s role in the show is permanent. When Ivy arrives to join the party, Ana confronts her and asks for her help in filing a lawsuit against Derek for sleeping with his actresses. Ivy refuses and tells Karen to not spread the information about her and Derek. When Karen asserts that their relationship is common knowledge, Ivy grows angry and tells her that the only thing better than getting a Tony will be beating Karen for it.

The competition between Ivy and Karen is back on, and just in time for awards season.

Just when it seems like the night couldn’t get more uncomfortable for Ivy, it does. She receives a surprise phone call from her doctor’s office about the results of a blood test.

Ivy is pregnant.

With just the two-hour series finale left for Smash, it’s uncertain what will happen from here. Could Ivy’s pregnancy change the Tony nominators’ votes at the last second? Will Ana fight back against Derek and Daisy? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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