‘Smash’: ‘The Parents’ bring drama between Ivy and Leigh, revelations about Jimmy’s past and Karen’s feelings

Ivy and Leigh in "The Parents."

Ivy and Leigh in “The Parents.”

The parents of the leading ladies have returned in this week’s episode of Smash.

Karen’s father comes into town to watch her in the show she left Bombshell for, Hit List. However, after seeing a man in a leather jacket fleeing Karen’s apartment, he tries to figure out who his daughter’s latest lover is.

While Karen’s father’s presence is annoying at times, especially when he starts clapping for Karen during a Hit List rehearsal, he does serve a purpose. He gets Karen to answer the question every Smash fan has been dying to ask – is she in love with, Derek or Jimmy?

And in case it wasn’t clear from Karen’s childish “Do you like me or not?” in the bar last week, it’s Jimmy.

Karen’s father also asks his daughter what Jimmy’s story is, and to no surprise, she can’t answer him. During the episode, a man from Jimmy’s past appears, threatening Jimmy if he doesn’t pay him. It turns out that this man is a drug dealer for whom Jimmy worked and who he stole $8000 from

In a turn of events, Derek offers to help Jimmy pay the dealer back after he catches Jimmy trying to steal someone’s watch.

Tonight, we’re also finally introduced to Ana the diva rather than Ana the ever-present roommate. At a gala for the Manhattan Theatre Workshop (Hit List’s performance space), Ana channels her inner diva in a Cirque du Soleil styled number entitled “Reach for Me.” The concept of the song is a bit confusing, as the majority of it is sung while Ana is hanging upside down from the ceiling. However, with its abstract choreography, “Reach for Me” fits in just fine next to last week’s physical storytelling spectacle, “I Heard Your Voice in a Dream.”

Another highlight from the episode is the mother/daughter dynamic between Ivy and Leigh (special guest star Bernadette Peters). The rehearsal process starts out rough between them, as they try too hard to please each other. As Tom points out, they’ve turned Bombshell into an episode of Gilmore Girls.

However, once Tom asks them to tell stories about their past, Ivy and Leigh open up. They tell stories about hilarious moments between the two of them – many of them about Ivy’s childhood – leading up to Ivy’s revelation that her mother told her at a young age that she didn’t have enough talent to be a star.

After Leigh and Ivy have channeled their anger, they sing the Marilyn and Gladys duet, “Hang the Moon,” which might leave you sobbing. Not only is the story between Gladys and Marilyn touching, but it also mirrors the relationship between Ivy and Leigh. By the end of the number, it looks as though Ivy and Leigh might finally make amends – at least until Leigh angrily tells Ivy, “You may be a star in the making but you’re not there yet.”

There’s also a bit of a budding romance in this week’s episode between Hit List producer Scott and Bombshell librettist Julia. Scott pulls Julia aside and asks for her to help improve Hit List’s book as a personal favor. And in the style of last season, Julia falls head over heels and impulsively makes a decision – she says she’ll take a look at the book and see what she can do to help.

Smash will begin airing on Saturdays at 9pm starting this Saturday, April 6th.

Will Ivy and Leigh make amends and come together to help Bombshell succeed? Will Derek and Jimmy maintain their friendship as Hit List moves closer to opening? Let us know in comments!

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