Stage and screen star Kristin Davis shows off her humanitarian side with Helicopter for Elephants

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis is more than a stage and screen actress; she’s a humanitarian.

After making her Broadway debut last season in Gore Vidal’s The Best Man, her next biggest endeavor involves helping elephants.

The former Sex and the City star shared a story recently on Jay Leno’s show about when she was visiting Kenya in 2009 and rescued a baby elephant with the help of her friends and one of their rangers. She was concerned that there were poachers in the area and took action immediately. After two days, they were able to rescue the young animal, and Davis has since adopted her. The elephant’s name is Chaimu.

The amount of love and pride Davis has reflected from the experience is simply inspiring and she has not stopped fighting for these incredible animals ever since.

Recently, Davis has been fundraising for a cause entitled “Helicopter for Elephants.” The proceeds will be benefitting the Kristin Davis Foundation. According to the official website, illegal elephant poaching has reached an all-time high, and within just ten years it is a possibility that all wild elephants will become extinct. Davis is trying her best to prevent this but she needs some help.

In order to protect the area these elephants are inhabiting, a helicopter is urgently needed in order to transport trained rangers and veterinarians to the location as quickly and efficiently as possible. Something like this should not go unnoticed, especially since it is being endorsed by such a genuinely thoughtful and influential star but if an incentive is needed, Davis is raffling off a Sex and the City box set for those who donate more than $25.

Davis should be commended for all that she’s done out of the goodness of her heart, and all who are able are encouraged to contribute to her fundraiser.

For this worthy and beautiful cause, you can donate to Davis’ foundation here. To learn more about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, visit their website and find out more about why it is imperative for these elephants to be saved!

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