Stage Door Dish is seeking reporters and a video blogger!

Stage Door Dish is looking to add to our strong team! Below are some descriptions for the positions we are looking to fill but if you have an alternative idea for something you want to offer the site, please send an email and if it sounds like a good fit then I will be in touch.

Please note that only qualified applicants will receive responses and exercise patience while waiting for a decision. Following up is encouraged but use discretion before sending additional messages.

Editorial and Reporting Interns

Description: Editorial and reporting interns are expected to come up with story ideas, seek out the news and find angles to write about current events within the Broadway community. Editorial interns will also have opportunities to edit and work with reporting interns to enhance stories and offer feedback. Highly motivated or skilled interns may be offered staff positions.

Requirements: Past published writing, editorial experience, (some) college education and enthusiasm for journalism and Broadway. West End writers are also encouraged to apply. It is also extremely important that interns are comfortable chatting with Broadway talent on a professional level. Fangirls and fanboys need not apply.

How to Apply: Send a resume, writing samples and a cover letter which answers the following questions to Why are you the best candidate for this position? Why do you want to work for Stage Door Dish? What unique skills do you possess that you think would benefit Stage Door Dish? What do you hope to gain from an experience working for the site? Are you able to behave calmly and professionally in front of your favorite Broadway stars? (It will be obvious if you lie!) Tell me a little about yourself. What are your favorite shows and performers, why do you love theatre, how did you find Stage Door Dish and any other relevant information you would like to share.

Video Blogger:

Description: If you love being on camera, editing video and staying in the know about the latest Broadway news, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! While I have appreciated and loved following Wendi Reichstein and her Great Wendi Way videos, her schedule will be changing this fall and she will be unavailable to continue producing her great news videos. So we’re looking for someone to put their own spin on Broadway news and create weekly videos that will highlight the latest news on Broadway, splash some videos and photos into it, and, if you are in the area, you might even have an opportunity to interview your favorite Broadway star on camera!

Requirements: Proficient knowledge of all aspects of broadcast journalism including writing news reports, filming and editing footage. A professional and engaging voice and on-camera personality. Vast knowledge of the Broadway community.

How to Apply: If you are interested in applying to be Stage Door Dish’s new video blogger please send a 2-5 minute video to In the video please include basic information (name, age, location) and answer the following questions: Why are you the best candidate for the position, what would you bring to the Stage Door Dish team that no one else could, why do you love Broadway and what you hope to gain from this internship experience. Please show your personality, skills and creativity and include any additional information that you think is important.


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