Stage Door Dish launches our Penpal Club!


When I posted a comment on my blog about wanting to start a penpal club for Stage Door Dish, I didn’t expect anyone to be interested. The art of the written letter, a desire to use pretty stationary or colorful pens, seems to have been replaced with instant messaging through texting, email and other methods. But because there was such a strong positive response about starting this club, I am very excited to see if this is something that will actually take formation.

As of right now, each penpal will write to each other for two months (or five to seven letters, hopefully) before a new match will be announced. It’s up to you whether you just send letters, include a little gift, photos, etc. Further information is pending and will be based on the volume of participants and the interest level.

Theatre is a community so we hope that this club will bring together theatre lovers across the globe and spark new friendships or enhance existing friendships.

To participate with the club, please send the following information to




Are you willing to write to an international penpal:

Are you interested in writing with a member of the SDD staff:

Broadway or West End:

Favorite Broadway or West End shows:

Favorite Broadway or West End performers:

Describe yourself in approximately five words:

Interests and hobbies not including theatre:

Any requests or important information to know while matching you with a penpal:


Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 12.

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