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A donation page for has been created. has experienced tremendous success in its very young life as a new up and coming Broadway e-magazine and we hope to only grow and become even bigger and better in the future.

What was started as a way for the site’s editor-in-chief to voice her opinions about Broadway shows and interview some great theatre talent is quickly becoming one of the most beloved and fan-friendly Broadway websites. But with its early success comes some unexpected challenges, especially with funding.

The cost of maintaining a high-traffic website is not cheap. Everything from being able to access information for interviews, the web hosting, blocking spam comments and shipping fees to send awesome giveaway prizes cost money.

So you might be reading this and thinking “why not just do a Kickstarter campaign?” and while that option has been looked at many, many times, it doesn’t fit with what we’re trying to accomplish.

Kickstarter is for short-term projects that yield immediate high results. is an ongoing website that hopes to bring quality content to its readers for a very, very long time.

And with every new reader comes the responsibility to make sure the site is operating at its best. is a labor of love. It takes tremendous effort and energy to carefully read and edit every story before it hits the site. We select and pursue the talent we want to interview with our readers in mind. The site’s mission of bridging the gap between fans and their favorite on-stage and on-screen personalities will always be what’s most important to us. This site is as much yours as it is ours.

Thank you for reading the content on the site, thank you for contributing your thoughts and for being excited about the interviews and giveaways. Already, in just one month, this site has exceeded my every expectation and I am so deeply and incredibly humbled by everyone’s encouragement.

To make this absolutely clear, is not looking to raise money for self-gain with this donation process. We are hoping to pay for our servers and the other fees incurred by owning the website. Should receive all of the funding it needs to survive, the donations will be closed because we are not looking for a profit from our readers. We’re just hoping for a little love and support.

– Samantha S., founder and editor-in-chief

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"I found the theatre and I found my home.” ― Audra McDonald

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