’s second ‘Les Miserables’ giveaway!


If there’s one thing Stage Door Dish readers love it’s Les Miserables.

After a few cast interviews, several silly articles and discussions on social networking platforms about the musical, it only seemed right to host another Les Mis themed giveaway.

And, because I was in a particularly good mood yesterday, I picked up a couple extra goodies so there will be three winners for this giveaway.

The grand prize is a Les Miserables deluxe edition gift set (and I might even throw in a box of tissues for the inevitable tears that will be shed when you watch the film) and two runner-up winners will be selected to win a copy of Amanda Seyfried’s other musical film Mamma Mia.

The giveaway will conclude on April 17 and the winners will be selected by

For more information about how you can enter to win, visit the Stage Door Dish tumblr page.

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