StageDoorDish kicks-off ‘Les Miserables’ Week!

Fra Fee, Russell Crowe and George Blagden in Les Miserables.

Fra Fee, Russell Crowe and George Blagden in Les Miserables.

Do you hear the fangirls cry?

There’s no question that StageDoorDish readers all seem to love Les Miserables and with the release of the DVD and the extended album on Tuesday, we decided to celebrate what is likely to be a very unproductive week for Les Mis fans.

So while you blow off your to-do lists to watch the movie one more time (or so you promise but we know better), enjoy some editorials, features and other extras brought to you by the StageDoorDish team.

I won’t tell you what you’ll be seeing this week on the site (where would the fun be in ruining all of the surprises?) but the StageDoorDish staff has been hard at work researching, writing and we can’t wait to get some great conversations going with our readers.

For those who aren’t Les Mis fans, we still love you and StageDoorDish will continue to post the latest Broadway news, even in the midst of the Les Mis influx.

To get the week started, I suggest watch this video of the film cast showing off their vocal warm-ups.

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