Star of the Week: Eric McCormack shines in TNT drama Perception and eyes a return to the stage?

Eric McCormack in Perception

Eric McCormack in Perception

Beautiful singing voice? Check. Undeniably handsome? Check. An acting ability so strong that playing a schizophrenic crime solving neuropsychiatrist/college professor looks easy?…check!

You may recognize Eric McCormack from his days of Will and Grace, but he has since taken on an entirely new form of television with his daring new series Perception. The TNT drama is well into its second season and it has been confirmed that the show has been picked up for a third.

In the series, Dr. Daniel Pierce (played by Eric) uses his subconscious to bring justice to misunderstood victims, meaning his schizophrenic hallucinations help and speak to him to get him on the right path and, time after time, close the case at hand. These hallucinations vary from child-like aliens to Sigmund Freud himself. Alongside his partner-in-crime Special Agent Kate Moretti (played by Rachael Leigh Cook, whose chemistry with Eric is palpable), the deep twists and turns for the worst along the way somehow always lead to a happy ending for those involved in the wrongdoing. However, Daniel is fighting inner demons of his own, and Eric is doing an incredible job (to say the least; his performance is simply extraordinary) at portraying this highly complex character.

Eric has appeared on Broadway three times. He made his debut in the 2000 production of The Music Man, in which he replaced Craig Bierko. He played Harold Hill opposite Rebecca Luker, who dazzled audiences as Marian Paroo. He also appeared as the Mystery Guest Star in The Play What I Wrote for a limited run in 2003. Eric also performed for five seasons at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario.

Most recently, Eric took the stage as Senator Joseph Cantwell in the 2012 revival of Gore Vidal’s The Best Man. He appeared alongside a star-studded cast including James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, and Candice Bergen. James Earl played a former president who remarks that Joseph Cantwell is “nothing but ambition” during act one. Eric McCormack is very much the same.

Eric has a strong social media presence, especially on Twitter. He has openly stated that he would love to reunite with Debra Messing someday on stage, and his dream role is Che in Evita. In a recent interview with The New York Times, he mentioned that he would love to come back to Broadway for more than a limited run, but explained “it’s not always possible with a family.” However, when his most recent theatrical endeavor came around, he was ready.

Eric told the Times, “…my wife moved around a lot as a kid, and we both agreed that it would be better to find someplace to call home. And for now, that’s Los Angeles. And if I have to go off, I go off, but it does make those choices harder. When The Best Man came along with that incredible cast and a limited run, I said: ‘Honey, there’s nothing I can do. I have to do this.’ And she agreed.”

From playing a beloved best friend to the dramatics of Shakespeare and musical theatre, there’s seemingly nothing that Eric McCormack can’t accomplish. We can only hope that he will return to the Great White Way soon, but until then be sure to catch up on Perception and get ready for its return this winter on TNT!

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  1. Love Eric and love the idea of a reunion with Debra! Enjoyed each of these actors in independent projects over the years, but they will always be Will and Grace to me!