Star of the Week: Jessica Vosk is killing it as a powerhouse on stage and off

Jessica Vosk

by Nicole Nadler

Food, Funny, and Fruma Sarah: those are the three essential ingredients that it takes to create one Jessica Vosk. If you aren’t familiar with Broadway’s new “It Girl”, let me introduce you: Vosk is a very funny lady (have you seen her social media accounts!?) with a penchant for carbs who is currently starring as Fruma Sarah in the Fiddler on the Roof revival at the Broadway Theatre.

Vosk made her Broadway debut in Jason Robert Brown‘s Bridges of Madison County as swing for Marian/Chiara and from there she joined the original Broadway cast of Finding Neverland as  Mrs. Bassett and understudied as Mrs. DuMaurier. She is currently terrifying small children as Fruma Sarah, or as Vosk calls it, “Dead Elphaba” in Fiddler on the Roof. She also recently made her debut as Golde in the production, stepping in for Jessica Hecht.

A former suit on Wall Street, where she worked in finance as an Associate Director, she is now slowly but surely becoming someone who is impossible to ignore. Not only do her shrill lamentations as Fruma haunt you long after you leave the theatre, she’s a woman with good logic and great advice. Her guidance to “Pick your battles. (Also, pick your froyo toppings, but that’s a lesson for another day.)” and “Do no harm, but take no shit” serve as a daily reminder to loosen up, find happiness, and kick ass.

During her cabaret titled You Asked For It at Joe’s Pub in early February, Vosk brought the house down with her renditions of Sia’s “Chandelier”, “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid, and sang Defying Gravity to a french fry. There is such an intense strength in her voice, which makes the audience connect with the energy and emotion that she put into each song. Not only was her cabaret an auditory delight, but she also put her comedic skills on display. And, with the help of a few drag queens, she was crowned an official gay icon, complete with a glittery sash and all.

If you can’t get a ticket to watch her perform in Fiddler, follow her on Twitter and Instagram and let yourself enjoy Vosk’s special brand of humor. Recently she tweeted “Guys, life is too damn short for us to be anything but happy and true to who we are. Pass it on.”

Vosk is unapologetically herself. She is a cupcake loving, sassy, “Dead Elphaba” powerhouse who speaks openly about self-empowerment and always lands a laugh. Vosk, through her talent and dazzling personality, is proof that strong, smart women really are impossible to ignore.

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