Star of the Week: ‘Les Miserables’ alum Scott Garnham charms audiences with humor and song

Scott Garnham.

Scott Garnham.

Every once in a while you come across a performer that completely blows you away, no matter what he or she is doing. As far as I’m concerned, West End actor Scott Garnham is one of those performers.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’re a fan of Les Misérables. Garnham was an ensemble member in the ‘10/‘11 cast (and stayed on through part of 2012), playing Feuilly and covering the roles of Enjolras and Marius. The first time I noticed Garnham was when I heard him as Marius. I had no idea who he was at the time, only that this Marius had an absolutely phenomenal voice.  I checked the cast list for the performance, learned that Marius’ name was Scott Garnham and I haven’t looked back since.

During his time at the Queen’s Theatre working on Les Mis, Garnham became something of a fan favorite. In addition to being a strong member of the ensemble, his performances as Enjolras and Marius were fantastic. He was suitably awkward as the romantic lead Marius and unbelievably charismatic as Enjolras, the leader of the student revolutionaries (his work was recognized when he won Broadwayworld UK’s Understudy of the Year award in 2011).

Behind the performer is the man, and the man has a wicked sense of humor. That same sense of humor can be found on display in several backstage videos with fellow cast-mates (most notably Jeff Nicholson and Craig Mather), as well as in the West End Eurovision video that he created with the resident Grantaire, Adam Linstead.

His sense of humor is easily one of his best qualities (outside of his incredible voice) and is evident in everything he does. After all, his first major role was a Spaniard with questionable English-speaking skills in the UK tour production of Never Forget – definitely not a role for someone without a good sense of comedic timing. His Twitter is never dull, whether he’s tweeting about his travels (“I HATE nothing more than forgetting my headphones on a long tube journey (…that and murder)”) or his attempts to get some rest (“Police helicopter outside my window for the last 40 mins…. piss off now please, trying to sleep!! #maybetheyarecomingforme”).

Anybody lucky enough to catch him at a cabaret will be treated to an evening of delightful dialogue and music – chances are, you’ll get to hear Garnham’s very own “Self Indulgent Ballad” (a song that parodies various showtunes and pokes some fun at the ego required to sing them) and a hilarious take on the rock classic “It’s My Life.”

Garnham is easily one of my favorite performers, and I absolutely cannot wait for him to return to the stage. (One of my wishes in life is to see him as Raoul de Chagny in The Phantom of the Opera.) In the meantime, he’s currently touring with the Seven Irish Tenors in New Zealand until May 18, and then afterwards is lined up to perform in a concert version of the award winning Sondheim and Wheeler musical A Little Night Music on June 16 (also featuring lots of other West End favorites, including Fra Fee, Hadley Fraser, Lisa-Anne Wood).

I can’t wait to see what Garnham has in store for us beyond that, because he’s definitely one of the most talented and charismatic performers I’ve ever come across, and I wish him all the best in any future ventures!

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