Star of the Week: Patti Murin rises above, shows us how we can be changed for good

Patti Murin

Patti Murin

With her infectiously uplifting personality, sweet-as-honey voice, and her love for important issues – dogs, empowering girls and women, wine, and reality television – Patti Murin might just be the most lovable lady on Broadway. Murin is earnest, keeps it real, and offers an opportunity every day for people to party with her through her 2016 project #PartyWithPatti on Twitter.

She also knows how to not only take disappointment in stride, as she exhibited this week when the disappointing announcement that the highly-anticipated musical Nerds was being postponed after a major investor pulled their contributions from the production, she takes active steps to make the Broadway community a friendlier, more positive place.

Murin was set to play the role of Sally in Nerds. In the casting call, the role called for an actress who could convincingly play the love interest to both male leads, was an excellent comedian, intelligent, likable, ambitious activist, and a strong singer with a high belt and strong mix voice; it was a role tailor-made for Murin, and, for the sake of audiences everywhere, it will hopefully be a role she has an opportunity to play one day.

After the Broadway run was canceled, some Broadway “fans” took to social media to joke and said downright nasty, cruel comments about the show and the cast. In response, Murin rallied the Broadway community within hours to better safeguard what’s best known as “The Chat Board.” The Broadway World supported message board now has a “report this post” button thanks to Murin’s efforts, which will hopefully encourage positive conversations and debates about theatre while putting an end to senseless bullying and rude comments.

Murin continued to show her courage and willingness to be open to dialogue on Twitter, engaging in conversations with friends and fans. Most notably, she shared a tweet written by her friend Jamie Grayson, best known as @TheBabyGuyNYC, in which Grayson said “just bc [sic] someone is a public figure doesn’t make them public property.” In Murin’s case, in light of the backlash of her outspoken blog post about safeguarding the Internet and remembering that actors are normal people with feelings too, Grayson’s tweet couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Murin’s breakout Broadway role was as the title character in the 2011 musical Lysteria Jones, for which she did the pre-Broadway run at off-Broadway at The Gym at Judson, and she stole focus in the 2014 off-Broadway production of Fly By Night, in which she played Daphne, a fame-hungry actress. Other roles include various parts in the 2007 Broadway musical of Xanadu, Glinda in the First National Tour of Wicked, and most recently she played Linda Mason in the 2015 production of Holiday Inn at The Muny in St. Louis, Missouri.

But there is so much more to Murin than a fantastic sense of humor and a versatile voice. She has an enormous heart and a passion to make a difference in the world. She is an active supporter and foster mom to dogs affiliated with Muddy Paws Rescue, a foster-based rescue shelter in New York City. Her love for animals is evident on her social media pages but it’s also one of the issues Murin has been most outspoken about in the press and in her personal blog. Murin is also a supporter of the Like A Girl Project which has the mission of inspiring, connecting, and encouraging women around the world by sharing the story of kickass women. And for anyone who follows her on Twitter, she reigns as one of the most knowledgeable live-tweeters during The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Murin gave her “Final Rose” to Colin Donnell on June 19, 2015. Murin and Donnell met nearly a decade before their nuptials but their relationship didn’t begin to spark until a party a few days before they started rehearsals for the Shakespeare in the Park production of Love’s Labour’s Lost in 2013. Andrew Rannells, Murin’s best friend and Lysteria Jones co-star, hosted a mock episode of The Bachelor at the reception. The video of the “Final Rose Ceremony” was later released on social media.

One of Murin’s best qualities is that she’s approachable; there is no ego or air of self-importance between her and anyone else. She’s honest enough to say that the things people say matter. She has vowed to carry at least $1 so she can always help someone in need and she doesn’t shy away from an ongoing silly conversation about Fuller House. She has a sense of humor about herself and her life. Murin is the kind of person who anyone would be happy to chat with over a glass (or bottle) of wine.

For these reasons, and an infinite number of others, the question now needs to be asked: Patti M., will you accept this rose?

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