Star of the Week: The West End’s Gina Beck is wickedly versatile

Gina Beck as Galinda in "Wicked."

Gina Beck as Galinda in “Wicked.”

We can’t all come and go by bubble, but Gina Beck sure does make it look easy.

Currently playing Galinda with a ‘ga’ at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London, Gina Beck trained at Central School of Speech and Drama. It’s clear that she has been a true asset to the school, and has already had a delightful career. I’ve had the pleasure of recently seeing Gina in Wicked, and she has truly connected to the character, and has been improving massively with each performance. Louise Dearman played the role before Gina, and her chemistry with Rachel Tucker (who played Elphaba) was so well known within the fandom that they earned the nickname “Tuckman.” However, Gina eagerly stepped up to the challenge, and she and Rachel were soon dubbed “Tuckina.” The pair had wondrous on stage chemistry, and it is now exciting to see Louise return to Wicked alongside Gina as Elphaba.

Wicked is is currently being performed on US tour, on Broadway, and in London. Mostly recently, there was a production in Holland. It is also about to begin a UK tour, something which audiences here have been anticipating for a very long time. The London production also lately celebrated its 5 millionth audience member.

Gina Beck as Christine in "Phantom of the Opera."

Gina Beck as Christine in “Phantom of the Opera.”

I first came across Gina at the beginning of her run as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera, and I knew then that she would become a huge success. She not only has such a talent for becoming completely immersed in a character’s emotions, but has a gorgeous voice to boot. I have seen many Christines, often doe eyed and tender, and whilst their voices are incredible, Gina has something about her which makes her truly remarkable. What makes her so extraordinary is her talent of becoming the character, rather than merely acting as them. I don’t think I’ve seen any actor or actress in any role become so deeply engrossed on stage, and it really is incredible to watch.

Gina made her West End debut as Cosette in Les Misérables in 2006 after touring South Africa in the operetta The Merry Widow. Since then, she has reprised the role in the 21st Anniversary concert, as well as returning as an ensemble member in both the film and 25th Anniversary concert. More recently, she has performed in workshops for a musical based on the novel Little Women, and also portrayed the role of Maria in The Sound of Music – something which I had been dying to see her do after watching her in Phantom.

It’s clear that Gina is capable of portraying a wide variety of roles, and she does so fantastically. With each performance, she brings something new to the table, and I’ve been extremely happy to see her not be pigeon-holed into one particular character archetype. In addition, Gina is also tremendously friendly and sweet to her fans at the stage door, and has been known to spend a lot of time talking to them in real life, as well as on Twitter.

The sky seems to be the only limit for Gina Beck, and I am honestly thrilled to see her develop as a performer and have such an exciting career; I cannot wait to see what she does next.

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2 Responses

  1. I love Gina and her Christine was simply amazing. However, she didn’t exactly reprise Cosette for the 21st Anniversary concert – the concert simply featured the 2006-07 cast at the Queen’s Theatre (ie those that were in the cast during the 21st Anniversary anyway).

  2. I love Gina Beck! In my eyes, she can do no wrong with whatever role she plays.