Ten dazzling dream tribute episodes for the next season of ‘Glee’

The current season of Glee has only two episodes left this season, but fortunately there are still two more seasons to come.

Say what you will about the hit show, but something it consistently does well is tribute episodes. Glee’s tribute episodes always manage to feature complete visual reconstruction, like when they did Grease’s “Greased Lightning.” They also always incorporate unique renditions of iconic songs, like their acoustic rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” and Britney Spears’ “3.”

This season of Glee has brought us tributes to Grease and the iconic music videos of Wham and Abba. When Glee does tribute with an episode, or even just with a musical number, it is done with authenticity and class.

Luckily, for fans of Glee’s tribute episodes, the next episode of Glee, “Wonder-ful”, will be a tribute to the one and only Stevie Wonder. Glee has already done one Stevie Wonder song, “Isn’t She Lovely,” performed acapella by Kevin McHale, and of course, the rendition was flawless.

In light of Glee’s stellar tribute episodes and performances, paired with its recent renewal for two new seasons, one can’t help but think of possible tribute episodes for the seasons to come.

"Moulin Rouge!"

“Moulin Rouge!”

Moulin Rouge!

When Kurt and Blaine performed the Moulin Rouge! tune “Come What May,” they did it against a backdrop that reconstructed the movie’s “Elephant Love Medley,” scene. Ryan Murphy had said that there would be a Moulin Rouge! tribute episode this season, but sometimes things don’t work out, especially when your season is coming to an end and you have plot lines to tie up and develop. Fair enough. Still, a tribute to Moulin Rouge! would be incredible to see next season. It has excellent party scenes, costumes and musical numbers to reconstruct and play with. Imagine an acoustic version of “Roxanne,” a group number of “Lady Marmalade,” an “Elephant Love Medley” duet and a reconstruction of the “The Show Must Go On” scene. Bonus points if the episode revolves around McKinley trying to put on a show.

The Rat Pack.

The Rat Pack.

The Rat Pack

Glee has simply not covered nearly enough of the Rat Pack’s discography. The show rarely features the music of old crooners like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. The cast members have such soulful voices, and they definitely have the chops to take on this type of sound. An episode with “Fly Me To The Moon,” “Mambo Italiano” and “Somewhere Beyond The Sea” would knock the socks off the show’s viewers.

The Beatles.

The Beatles.

The Beatles

While Glee has covered quite a few Beatles songs, the band’s discography is so vast, and has such a variety of different sounds that the possibilities for a tribute episode are endless. The cast has yet to tackle “Let It Be,” “Hey Jude” or “Twist and Shout.” Imagine if Glee tackled “Twist and Shout” a la Ferris Buellers Day Off!




Not too risqué for Glee…right? The movie itself wasn’t all that raunchy, and it’s not like a tribute episode needs to tell the same story in the same way. With the right plot line, an episode of Glee can definitely be done with songs from the movie-musical. Chris Colfer would totally nail “You Haven’t Seen the Best of Me,” and just imagine a jaw dropping performance of “Show Me How You Burlesque,” featuring Kurt, Santana, and Rachel. Not to mention, Lea Michele is perfectly suited to belt out “Something’s got a Hold of Me.”




Glee is larger than life to begin with, so why not step it up a notch and take on one of the most over-the-top artists there is? Cher’s catalogue is extensive, and as a result, there is so much music for the writers to choose from. In addition, her songs are very contextual; they have serious potential to drive the plot. If season five brings up Klaine issues, Kurt can simply sing “Strong Enough.” On top of that, just imagine a great group number of “Believe.”




For the past two seasons, McKinley high has put on a show. In Season 3 it was West Side Story, and this season the school put on Grease. The characters of Rent are so strong and diverse, that it would be incredible to watch the New Directions members portray characters so different from themselves.  Imagine Marley having to channel her sex appeal to play Maureen, or Ryder embracing his inner Mark Cohen. As much as the characters of Rent address struggle and serious issues, not all of the characters are very different from the glee club members. Unique would shine in a role she can relate to – Angel Dumott Schunard. Seeing Alex Newell in full costume performing “Today 4 U,” would steal the show.




It’s a mystery why Glee has yet to take on a tribute to Disney music. Maybe getting the rights to the music has posed an issue? Who knows, but one thing is for sure. An episode of Disney music would blow viewers away. Jam-pack the episode with tunes from The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and The Princess and the Frog, and you have one of Glee’s most exciting episodes. Ryder could totally own “Ma Belle Evangeline,” and just picture Artie singing “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.”



Boy Bands

Imagine the boys and girls of New Directions battling it out using boy band tunes. The episode could be packed with Backstreet Boys, One Direction, N’Sync and maybe even O-Town. If one of the boy band pop tunes were slowed down and arranged as a ballad, it could make a perfect solo for someone on the New York side of things. Kurt Hummel singing N’Sync’s “This I Promise You”?  Yes please. What if they reconstructed the music video for Backstreet Boy’s “Everybody”?




There really haven’t been that many Beyoncé songs on Glee. Beyoncé has quite a few solo albums out there, and that’s not even counting Destiny’s Child songs. Darren Criss might have done “Bills Bills Bills,” but that is simply not enough Beyoncé. Just think of the potential mashups of Beyoncé and Destiny Child tunes. Not to mention that, this would require an actual cover of “Single Ladies.”  Yes, I’m looking at you Chris Colfer.

Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley

Come on, he’s the king of rock and roll! There is so much that can be done with Elvis’ catalogue. His songs are all so fun, and the costuming would be incredible. Just begin to picture all the boys in full-blown Elvis attire. A group performance of “Jailhouse Rock” in the auditorium, jail cell bars and all, needs to happen. Other songs that are simply a must-have include “All Shook Up,” and “Suspicious Minds.”

What kind of tribute episodes would you like to see Glee tackle next season?  Let me know in the comments!

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