The Boys of Broadway: An introduction to Stage Door Dish’s new column

Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Andrew Keenan-Bolger was the first Broadway star to tweet the Stage Door Dish account. I wrote an editorial about why Andrew and Celia, his amazingly talented sister, were the “Broadway Performers of the Year” and they reacted with full support and excitement despite the fact that the site was small with only one other post on the website and just over 100 Twitter followers. I traveled to New York a couple weeks later and met Andrew in person for the first time at the Newsies stage door.  The progress that Stage Door Dish has made within its short almost 8 months of existence can easily be measured by my the full-circle moment of how I never imagined anything better could happen than Andrew tweeting me to sitting down with his entire family, confessing that I thought their tweets were the pinnacle moment for the site, and Andrew laughing and replying, “Well, I hope it has gotten better!”

It has gotten better and I credit so much of that to the Keenan-Bolgers and my other theatre inspirations who have nurtured and supported me since I started on this endeavor. What was aimed to be an online blog where I wrote about theatre and conducted occasional interviews has become an established website in which Broadway performers and fans are represented and share in a mutual love for theatre. And I concede much of the site’s continued success and drive to the group whom I refer to as “my boys.”

For whatever reason, it has been the men of Broadway who I feel most supported by; these incredible gentlemen who people describe as “lighting up” at the mention of the site, who return my emails faster than I could ever hope and collaborate on projects, and whose words of wisdom and support get me through the not-so-pretty moments.

It has always been my hope that I can educate at least one person about each one of these special men who mean so much to me and Stage Door Dish. Helping to spread the word about their talent, generosity and their inspiring stories is so important to me so transitioning from tweeting, blogging and writing news articles about their latest projects to adding another dimension by editorializing their stories, using personal memories of interacting with them, and some anecdotal information seems like a natural progression.

“The Boys of Broadway” will be a place of reflection and to honor of some of the most significant influences in my life while capturing their true selves and some of the silly moments I have been blessed to share with them as well as report the latest news and their upcoming projects. This column gets back to the initial intention of Stage Door Dish; to create a space where I could express my love of theatre and celebrate the people who inspire me.

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