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Jessica Ryan teamed up with Avery Ragsdale and put their incredible performing and producing talents to work creating a series of hybrid  cabaret- fundraisers to help raise money for a good cause.

Two years since they started, because of their hard work, an innovative and first-of-its-kind “thank you” is about to revolutionize fundraising for Broadway lovers everywhere.

Broadway stars including Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Taylor Trensch, Chris Miller & Nathan Tyson, 5J Barrow, and some surprise artists will be performing live in NYC at the very first live web-broadcast concert held on April 22.

I can hear you all asking now, “How on earth do I get to view such a splendid-sounding concert?” Lucky for you, a small donation to the Crime Victim’s Treatment Center (via the fundraising page) will get you a fantastic view to broadwayUNLOCKED and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch to enjoy it!

In two short years, a joint endeavor has blossomed into a nine-person creative team and broadwayUNLOCKED has brought in over $50,000 of donations to the Crime Victim’s Treatment Center which offers programs and services of victims of violent crimes. broadwayUNLOCKED istrying to increase their impact, donations and support by throwing a concert to thank every single one of their donors.

A minimum $10 donation gets you an online code to access and view the concert and other fun perks are included at donations of $25, $100, $225, and $1,000. Of course, any amount you can spare to donate is very gladly accepted.

The creative team of broadwayUNLOCKED is extremely passionate about helping the Crime Victim’s Treatment Center and giving back to any one who supports this truly life-changing organization. If you think about it, this concert is a win-win for all involved. One small donation goes towards helping those in need and you get a special Broadway treat.

Tell me that isn’t money very well-spent.

Visit broadwayUNLOCKED’s homepage here


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